About Victorian-Era.org

Last updated: March 2017

Victorian era website started as an academic project while I was pursuing my masters in English literature. I have been an avid reader of English literature and period literature is an amazing treasure for people who want to know more about the era.

In days to come, there is lot more information that I wish to add on the website, including a synopsis of some of the classic literature from this era, much more information on Victorian fashion, information about more authors and their literature characteristics and so on.

If you wish to link to the site for academic purposes, feel free to do so. If you want to contact me for any missing info and corrections (hey, am not perfect!), feel free to write on earlycivilizations@yahoo.com

I would greatly appreciate if you can share the site on Facebook. We don’t mind a bit of publicity!

Site author: Vaijayanti Joshi

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