Birth and death of Thomas Jones Barker Thomas Jones Barker was a historical painter who was born in the year 1815, at a place called Bath, in England. He expired […]


Birth and death of William Barraud William Barraud, the elder of the two famous sons, was born in the year 1810 and expired on the 1st of October in the […]


Birth and death of Henry Barraud Henry Barraud, the second son of their father and the younger brother of William Barraud, was born on the 16th of May in the […]


Auguste Allongé was a French artist born on March 19, 1833 in Paris. He is known for his charcoal art and landscape works. He belonged to the Barbizon School movement […]

James Archer, Self portrait

James Archer was a Scottish painter born on June 10, 1823 in Edinburgh. He was the eldest son of Andrew Archer, a dentist in Edinburgh and Ann Cunningham Gregory. Archer […]


Below is the detailed biography of Edmund Blair Leighton, an English painter that specialized in the paintings of the medieval era and of the time of the reign of King […]

Charles Lock Eastlake

A painter of national reputation, Sir Charles Lock Eastlake was born in the Plymouth City of Devon, England. The year of his birth is recorded in history dated November 17th, […]


Below is the detailed biography of Albert Joseph Moore, a British painter especially known for his depictions of women in the everyday life form. He refrained showing women in luxurious clothing […]