Georgian Era Etiquette

Georgian Era Etiquette: The English Society relied heavily on the rules of etiquette for the society to function and to avoid as many scandals as possible. While rules of etiquette were present for both the ladies and the gentlemen, there were more rules the ladies had to follow.

When it came to meeting new people, they were not invited to ay soiree unless it was unanimously agreed by everyone who was going to be present at the gathering. Elderly people could send cards to their new younger acquaintance if they wished to continue the relationship.

Georgian Era Etiquette
VGeorgian Era Etiquetteictorian etiquettes

A newcomer in society had to follow an extensive set of rules to be deemed acceptable by society. If she wished to throw a ball, she could do it only if a friend, who was already well known by everyone acted as a sponsor. This information had to be given in every invitation sent.

Georgian Era Etiquette

Some etiquette rules include returning a visit within a week. If a person could not do so, they are obliged to send a card stating the reason they could not call upon the person. When gentlemen come to call, they leave their calling cards with the ladies.

If the ladies are not interested, they will simply not take notice of it. Newcomers in society cannot be called upon by men without an invitation to do so. The men will first be sent an invitation by the ladies and only then they can call on the lady.

Postal cards were supposed to be used for impersonal interactions. If they had to be used, the letter had to come up with an apology for its use.

Food is part of many etiquette rules. there are certain ways to cut and present fruits and vegetables. For example, olives are supposed to be eaten with fingers. oranges are divided into their sections, seeds removed and should be eaten with a fork. Peaches should be quartered, peeled and then eaten by hand.

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