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Allusion examples

Under the literary firmament, the word Allusion means “reference”. To refer to something or somebody is called allusion.

The Origin of the Words Allusion

One can refer to a particular event, particular literary text or a particular figure as well. Reference can be made in terms of a specific place, time, religion, practice, and genre and so on and so forth.



In this way, there is no need of explaining the source of reference. The object or aspect that is being referred to be never that much explained as it is expected from the laymen to have knowledge of that specific aspect.

For example: When we make Biblical references, we call it Biblical Allusion.

In this case, Allusion can sometimes be reflected in the form of metaphors. At times Similes are also used. In fact, reference can be made of any political dimension or cultural dynamics too. Referring to an event of historical significance is widely in vogue.

Well…we make use of Allusion under the literary firmament but we seldom discuss the use of this very Allusion in our everyday speech.

For example : “ This place is like thegarden of Eden “ – Here a beautiful and resourceful place rather a rich and peaceful place is referred to as the garden of Eden and this might be called a Biblical reference rather a Biblical Allusion which is referred to from the Paradise Lost by Milton ( The book of Genesis ) .

Another example can be cited when we say “He is the new Newton of the class “. By this, we refer to the student’s intelligence that is being compared to Newton’s.

So, these were some of the daily life uses of Allusion in our day to day speech. Now if we consider the use of Allusion in the literary domain we might categorize the use of Allusion here. Pieces of literary compositions use Allusion in many ways.

Categorization of the Use of Allusion            

Biblical Allusion

The word Serpent is not only a snake but rather signifies an evil force in the book of Genesis. This might be called a reference or an Allusion. Another one is the forbidden tree or the forbidden fruit that signifies taboo.

Adam and Eve symbolize the very beginning of the human race and the very beginning of everything under the sun in the present day literary Allusions.

Mythological Allusion

How shall we forget about mythology when it comes to Allusion in literature! We often use the term “Venus “for describing beauty, referring to the Greek Goddess. Also to signify eternal and heavenly beauty we refer to Aphrodite.

Mythological Allusion is made from Indian epics as well such as Mahabharata is referred to as something quite colossal. Yudistheer stands for honesty. Bheem stands for strength, Ram stands for righteousness and so on and so forth.

Mythological Allusions would just go on like this as there are umpteen numbers of myths all across the globe per se.

In his way Allusions are of topical nature that is reference made to contemporary events, something having the today connection. In fact, classical Allusions are widely in vogue as well.

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