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Ambrose Andrews

Ambrose Andrews was born in the year 1801, in West Stockbridge Township at Massachusetts. The initial years of his life were said to be shrouded in mystery. Not much is known of his childhood days. It was not until Ambrose Andrews reached the age of 23 years that he started pursuing his interest in painting.

More About the Painter

  • Andrews was recognised as an itinerant painter, who created primitive pictures and landscape paintings.

  • His very first watercolour painting of a rich patron Philip Schuyler from Schuylerville in New York City was done in 1824.

  • The historic portrait of his first painting is presently housed in New York Historical Society, demonstrating his initial gawky style

  • He then refined his skills after studying at the American Academy of Fine Arts, located in New York

  • Andrews gained popularity as an itinerant painter and drew sketches and portraits in several places throughout America such as New Orleans, Texas, New Haven, and Vermont.

  • His most acclaimed painting, ‘Children of Nathan Starr’, was created in the year 1835 in Connecticut State in the United States.

  • The painting is now held at the famous Metropolitan Art Museum in New York

His Exhibitions

Andrews held many exhibitions during his ambitious art career. Some of the illustrious venues included Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in the year 1848, American Art Union Centres, Royal Academy in London in the year 1859, and St. Louis Art Museum in the year 1844 to name a few.

The paintings of Andrews won rare reviews and can be found all over the world through private and public art collectors. Today, many prestigious art galleries, museums, art societies, and elite private collectors proudly exhibit his artwork.

The Conversation Masterpiece

The Nathan Starr

The Children of Nathan Starr was one of the best examples of a conversation piece of artwork. In this itinerant portrait, Andrews painted the children who lived in Nathan Starr, Middletown. It offers an excellent and personal view of a family playing together. The children are seen engaged in a game known as battledore and shuttle. You can see the Greek Revival parlour with wide open doors and a great view of the Connecticut River. Edward is seen holding a hoop in one hand and a gaming stick in his other hand, Emily aged 15 years is sitting in the middle with a book. Other kids Henry, Grace, and Fredrick are shuttling from either side.

Personal Life Features

According to reports, Ambrose Andrews is said to have left the mortal world sometime after 1870. Details regarding his death are not very clear as some historians say that Andrews died in the year 1859, while some others claim that the noted painter died after the 1860s decade.