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Authors during the Georgian Era

Authors during the Georgian Era: The Georgian Era came out with multiple kinds of literature which created a great impact on society then and still continues to do so in the 21st century.

Georgian Era Literature

Also known as Augustan literature, this fiction became very popular and along with this, historical fiction also garnered the attention of the readers.

Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift and Don Quixote made a landmark during this time due to it going away from the traditional form of literature. They were long prose and were also satirical in nature.

Authors during the Georgian Era

Another piece of literature which became famous was Daniel Defoe for Robinson Crusoe. These books which took the central character on adventures created a happy change from novels of that age which were long an sometimes even tedious.

Authors During the Georgian Era

Daniel Defoe was very popular. Many of his works were hits among his readers. Some of them were Moll Flanders, A Journal of the Plague Year, and Roxanne. 

Sir Walter Scott changed the way history was viewed. One of his favorite topics was Scotland. He rewrote historical fiction in such a way that it did not seem like Gothic Fiction but held some information regarding the past but also had fictional content.

Authors during the Georgian Era

A famous name during this era is Jane Austen. spoken in parallel with Pope, even though she was present during Scott’s time.

Georgian Era Novels

Austen expressed societal stigmas in her novels in the form of satire and humor with hard-hitting messages. Some of her novels are Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Sense and Sensibility, and Emma. 

Thomas Peacock was a writer during this time but was not very well known. Some of his important work was Nightmare Abbey, Headlong Hall, Crotchet Castle. 

Authors during the Georgian Era

Maria Edgeworth was an Irish writer who served as an inspiration for Walter Scott. Her most famous novel was Castle Rackrent.

Other writers include Charles Lamb who wrote more essays than novels. He is known for Essays of Elia and Lamb’s Tales from Shakespeare. Leigh Hunt was another writer during Lamb’s time who was proficient in writing essays.

Authors during the Georgian Era

Satire became very popular among readers during the Georgian Era. Other authors were William Hazlitt, Laurence Stern, Samuel Richardson, who wrote Clarissa, and Thomas de Quincey.

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