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Briton Reviére Painter Biography

Briton Reviére Painter

Briton Reviére Painter Biography:

Birth and family – a Brief History


14th of August, 1840, in London.


Ann and William Reviére. He was their youngest child.


Briton Reviére belonged to a family of painters. His mother, Ann, was the daughter of Joseph Jarvis of Atherton, Whackshire. The family originally bore the name of Nerac but they moved to England from the district of Bordeaux, after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes.

A painting by Briton Reviére

His mother was skilled in painting and was a good musician. His father, grandfather, and uncle were all painters and teachers of painting. Altogether, along with his mother, nine bearers of the name is found in the list of exhibitors at the Royal Academy. Another uncle of Briton Reviére was a well-known bookbinder.

The Early life of Briton Reviére Painter


Cheltenham College where his father was the drawing master.


In 1851 and 1852, while still in college, he had sent two little oil paintings of kittens to the exhibition at British Institution.

He started painting series from the year 1859. These were to be shown annually at the Royal Academy. His first painting was ‘ the Broken Chain ‘. However, there was an interruption, although small, of four years, when he did not send in paintings to the Royal Academy.

People who influenced Briton Riviére

Clarence Dobell, the brother of his future wife, Mary Alice. Under his influence, Reviére began getting attracted to pre-Raphaelites and started painting according to their principles.

Giants at Play by Briton Reviére

Reviére moved to London with his wife in 1871. He was attracted to and influenced by the artists at the new Scottish school. Orchardson, Pettie, Peter Graham, and MacWhirter introduced him to the concept of a color scheme, instead of a black and white scheme. His fine use of broken, shimmering colors was also a consequence of their influence.

Places of work

He exhibited his oil paintings at:

The Royal Academy

Dudley Gallery

Grosvenor Gallery.

He worked for Punch in decorative items.

He illustrated for English and American magazines. Good Word was one such noteworthy magazine.

He had also illustrated for some of Mrs. Craik’s novels.

His artworks are found in:

Royal Holloway College

Tate Gallery

Hamburg (Schwabe collection)


Diploma Gallery

Works of Briton Reviére

Elaine on the Barge

Hamlet and Ophelia

Miracles of the Gadarene Swine

Giants at Play

Beyond Man’s Footsteps

A study for ‘Sympathy’

An Anxious Moment

The Last Spoonful

A Roman Holiday

The King Drinks


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