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Captain Courageous

Yet another brilliant story created by the very versatile Rudyard Kipling is Captain Courageous. It is an enthralling tale about a fifteen-year-old Harvey Cheyne Jr., the son of a railroad tycoon.

It is essentially the story of a spoilt brat going on to become a mature young adult. And that is where it hits hard it’s readers.

Captain Courageous Plot

Harvey Cheyne Jr. was caught in a storm at the sea while he was sailing alone. He was saved by a crew member of another ship and was taken aboard.

The captain of the ship, Disko Troop took him up as a crew member after making him bleed when the former was accused of stealing all the money ( which was really on the deck of Harvey’s old ship).

Captain Courageous
Captain Courageous by Rudyard Kipling

He tried to coax the captain to take him back to port but no one obliged, so much so that they refused to believe that he was, in fact, the son of a very wealthy man.  The young boy came to accept his situation and befriended the Captain’s son, Dan Troop.

He learned fishing from his friend and also other such skills required to survive while sailing. When they finally reach the shore, he contacts his parents who come down to him in Massachusetts to bring him back.

Cover of the Book Captain Courageous
The cover of the book Captain Courageous

Manual, the man who had saved the boy is greatly rewarded by his mother and Disko is hired by his father to work his esteemed ship business. Harvey, then, goes away to college to work hard so that he can someday take over his father’s business.

Review of Captain Courageous

Rudyard Kipling, with this novel, puts forward the sailing and the situation at sea at that time in England. Apart from the real world references, the story itself is inspiring, especially for teenagers or kids on the verge of becoming one.

It sets down perfectly how a little boy should be, establishing a fine difference between the Harvey before being rescued and the Harvey who finally meets his parents.

Hardships make a man out of a brat and that is motivating on so many levels that one must read the book to understand it’s an effect.

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