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Charlotte Bronte Biography

Many classics were born during this period. England also gave birth to numerous great writers. Charlotte Bronte was a novelist and a poet and was one of the most famous writers England has ever seen.


Charlotte Bronte was born on 21 April 1816 in Thornton, Yorkshire, England. She was born as the third of six children and the eldest of the three Bronte sisters whose novels are regarded in high esteem. Maria was her mother. Patric Bronte was her father who had an immense passion for knowledge. Charlotte did not have a comfortable childhood. Her mother did when she was very young and it became her responsibility to look after her younger ones.

Charlotte Bronte - Jane Eyre
Charlotte Bronte’s famous book Jane Eyre

Charlotte Bronte attended Cowan Bridge, a finishing school in Lancashire. Meanwhile, deadly typhoid that broke out claimed the lives of her older sisters. In 1831, she became a pupil at the school at Roe Head but later left the school to tutor her siblings. In 1839, she took up her first position as governess to a Yorkshire family. Later on, she did work with various families. This was the career she pursued until 1841. In 1842, charlotte went to Brussels to complete her studies along with Emile, her sister.

Charlotte Bronte’s Works

After returning home, they founded a project for founding a school. Charlotte had already realized the problems in formal education. But to their despair, it was an utter failure. In 1846, a collection of poems by Charlotte and her sisters was published under pseudonyms. In the following year, she came up with Jane Eyre, Emily’s Wuthering Heights, and Ann’s Agnes Grey. All these works were published under a pseudonym, Currer Bell.

Charlotte Bronte author of Jane eyre

Charlotte’s famous book: Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre was a huge success. Soon after publication, it became a bestseller. It met with a lot of good reviews. The main character in her novel, Jane Eyre was parallel to Bronte. During this time, No one knew whether the writer was a man or a woman. The novel presents a number of conflicts and struggles within Jane and between Jane and other characters.

Marriage and death

Charlotte believed in tolerance and high moral principles. In June 1854, Charlotte Bronte married Rev. A. B. Nicholls, curate of Haworth. On March 31, 1855, Charlotte Bronte died of pneumonia, probably due to dehydration. She was pregnant at the time of death. She died at a very early age of 38. The Professor: A Tale was published in 1857 after her death. The Life of Charlotte Bronte, the posthumous biography of Charlotte Bronte was later published by Gaskell.