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Novel Moonstone by Wilkie Collins

Novel Moonstone: Wilkie Collins has several literary works to his name. He was immensely popular during his times. He was born into a family of creative men. He chose a somewhat different career for himself when he was young.

Novel Moonstone

He was a clerk first at the beginning of his career. But at the back of his mind, he always wanted to make a creative career for himself. He took to writing and his first novel got published in the year 1850.

Charles Dickens

Dickens was one of Collins biggest inspirations. Both these men became great friends and were known as the two most accomplished writers of the Victorian age. Collins’s power of imagination gave rise to many brilliant gothic literary pieces.

Novel Moonstone

People around noticed Collins be a solitary individual and they thought that he was a drug addict. Collins two of the most popular novels are The Moonstone and The Woman in White. Many of the modern readers are equally fascinated by the works of Collins.

About Collins Moonstone’s Storyline

The protagonist of the novel, Rachel Verinder received an exceptionally beautiful present on her 18th birthday. An exquisitely beautiful diamond of an enormous size is presented to her. But at that time she was not aware that the diamond will push her into a world of mystery and danger.

The diamond had a story behind it. It was snatched from a temple in India and people were in search for it to put it back in its right place. The diamond possessed unique powers and also curses since it was snatched from a deity.

Novel Moonstone

The diamond is the Moonstone. It stays with the girl for just one night. Then it is stolen. But what follows is intense grief, sorrows for the girl and she is close to madness.

The question is who has stolen the diamond? Can it be brought back and put in the place where it belonged? Will that put an end to Rachels misfortune? The novel is a highly interesting one and readers get absolutely engrosses in the mystery of the Moonstone.

Collins Moonstone

Collins-Moon-stone was dedicated by the author to his relatives back home, in England. At the time of writing the novel, the author was present in India.

Novel Moonstone by Wilkie Collins

Collins moonstone is filled with romance and mystery and is absolutely enthralling for the person reading it. The creation of the author is timeless in appeal and many readers take to this book even now.