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Edward Angelo Goodall

Edward Angelo Goodall started working as an apprentice in the office of his father. However, the talents that he possessed eventually came out to the front when he won a silver medal in his teens.

Edward Angelo Goodal

Goodall even won appraisal from Clarkson Stanfield R.A. at the Society of Arts. The painting in the discussion was a picture of the landing named  Lord Mayor at Blackfriars Bridge.

Edward Angelo Goodall’s Family

His work had been put up for exhibition at the Royal Society of Painters in Water Colours. The Prussian government had commissioned Moritz Richard Schomburgh to map the boundaries of British Guiana.

Robert, his brother, accompanied him to collect specimens of natural history for the Royal Museum and the Botanical Gardens in Berlin.

Edward Angelo Goodall
Edward Angelo Goodall

Yellow fever quickly struck Richard soon after he arrived in British Guiana. Richard along with the expedition artist, W.L. Walton, returned to England.

Edward Angelo Goodall became the replacement artist in 1841, with an annual salary of 150 pounds. He was also paid the passage to Guiana.

The Wonderful Expeditions Brought Success to Edward Goodall

Goodall was offered the job to sketch the people, plant and animal life and the landscapes. Goodall’s botanical watercolors were exhibited in Berlin. The sketches of the indigenous tribes were also exhibited in Paris and London.

Edward Angelo Goodall Painting

The illustrations were later donated to the Colonial Office. They later made the way to the Department of Manuscripts at the British Museum. All of these can be found at the British Library. The indigenous peoples of Guiana were depicted in watercolors.

Edward Angelo Goodall Paintings

Some of the paintings have now become extinct and they offer such an important ethnographical record. The paintings feature botanical and topographical subjects. Some of the Goodall watercolors have also been published.

While on the expedition, Goodall would keep a journal. The British Library now keeps this record.

Edward Angelo Goodall Artwork

The journal would shed light on colonial life in Georgetown. Goodall had about 5 months to make proper records before the expedition departed.

Extracts from the journal had been published over the years. Goodall was also appointed as the war artist in December 1854. Goodall had continued to exhibit the watercolors after his return from Guiana in 1844.

Edward Angelo Goodall’s Rise to Fame

It was chiefly at the Royal Society of Painters in Water Colours. He was elected a member in 1864. He also exhibited his works at the British Institution, the Royal Academy and the Society of British Artists.

Edward's Painting

This was in Crimea for the Illustrated London News. He had also got the chance to see the battles at Balaclava and the Alma. The Siege of Sebastopol was also witnessed by him. A sketchbook from that time in Crimea can also be found at the British Library.

Edward Angelo Goodall Traveled a Lot

He had also made several other visits including Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Morocco, Egypt, and Gibraltar. Some of the sketchbooks can be found at the library.

His work continued to be exhibited in London and he had exhibited as many as 328 works at the Royal Society of Painters in Water Colours. 36 had been exhibited at the British Institution.

16 April 1908 saw the death of Edward Angelo Goodall and he was buried at the Highgate Cemetery in London. He was one of the most famous artists of his time.