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Edwardian -(1900-1909) and Late Edwardian Era (1910-1917)

After the 19th Century, the masculine and tailored look gave way to feminine charm. Femininity categorized the Edwardian era in terms of clothing and fashion.

1900's Victorian Clothing for Women
1900’s Victorian Clothing for  women

1901 Trumpet Skirts

At the start of the era, Trumpet skirts became very fashionable.

1901 Edwardian Era- Trumpet Skirt
1901 Edwardian Era- Trumpet Skirt

They were tight on the hips. They flared out below the knee into a wide hem. It had a typical of 5 to 7 gores. It had a flared look that touched the ground. Soon the slim skirts began to be fuller at the hem. Vertical pleats which gave the skirts a straight in the up and fuller look at the bottom made inroads in Victorian Fashion Bustle.

Edwardian Fashion Plates and the Late Bustle -1900-1910

The dresses were very feminine and beautiful.

The skirts were generally lean and fitted at the hip and thighs. The tucks increased to give the skirts a flared look.

The Edwardian Fashion Plates and Edwardian Bustle Gowns started predominantly by 1902. The straight cut front became fashionable.


S-Bend and Pidgeon Breast Figure Dresses

By this time, the emphasis and attention shifted to the women’s figures. Dresses were created to accentuate the female form and figure. The dresses were made to give the illusion and effect of a thin waist and were tight at the hips. It compressed the lower waist and abdomen.

The bosom and breasts now became the lowered mono-bosom. The upper part of the bodice and corset used paddings, ruffles, and stuffing to create a fuller look in the bust forms.


Edwardian Fashion 1902-1910
Stylish Corsets -Edwardian Fashion 1902-1910

Rump Pads at the hips became common

The addition of rump pads at the hip and back of the corset gave the illusion of an arched back and a round shaped back. This completed the look of how a woman’s body was supposed to look.

Women Fashion and Corset during Edwardian Age of the 1900's
Women Fashion and Corset during the Edwardian Age of the 1900s

Fashion and style at the turn of the century

In the 1890s the blouse waist and shirtwaist commenced but they really became popular by 1902. During this time, the fitted bodice became less favored and the bosom shifted a bit lower.

By 1904 straight gores became really in and fashionable. Skirts became trendy and had additional gores. 9 to 12 gores were extremely common. Sometimes, skirts had up to 24 gores.

By 1905, circular skirts became fashionable cut in one piece. By 1906, the skirts move towards a slimmer design. The skirts had straight gores and a slim look. This fashion continued until the end of the century.

Trimmings were flat. Sometimes ruffles were used on the hem of the skirt.

Fabrics used

The fabrics were generally light like muslin, satin, woolen, linen. The flowy fabrics added a willowy look to the skirts making them even more desirable.

Silk taffeta also became popular. Skirts were generally long lined. Foundation skirts were made of silk taffeta.

Multi-layered petticoats were needed to support the skirts. This completed the entire look and added elan.


In the early years, the sleeves were slim at the shoulders which later became fuller. By 1904 the sleeves became fuller at the elbows and by 1906 at the shoulders. The cuffs were fitted at the wrists giving a crisp and well-finished look.


Necklines were high. They were decorative and stylish. Duchess square, Duchess neckline, and Jewelled look became fashionable.

Slim Hobble Skirts

Hobble Skirts became popular in 1909. Hobble skirts were slim and long lined. In fact, they were the slimmest versions of skirts.

The 1913-1914 fashion

By 1913 skirts became narrow and draped styles also became quite fashionable and were widely accepted in French designs. 1915 skirts were more of an A-line shape which looked pretty. By 1916, the skirts became again quite full and short.

Edwardian Fashion and Skirt and Gown Designs
Edwardian Fashion and Gown Designs – Modern Looking Clothing and designs


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