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Edwardian Era Architecture Neo Mannerism Style Designs

As far as architecture was concerned, several styles were at a clash during the Victorian times. The Edwardian period witnessed an end of this clash and as a result aesthetic architecture was born. There was a fusion in the different styles that existed. At the beginning of the Edwardian period, new ideas came into being. Classical architecture and contemporary ideas fused together and created several garden cities, suburbia, and also commuter land.

Some Old Structures Revived

During the Edwardian times, some of the old structures were revived and made into public buildings. Cardiff Hall City was one such building. It was worked upon by H.V Lanchester and Edwin Rickards. An important Edwardian structure was the dome. An asymmetric tower increased the beauty of the dome and added quality to it.

Structures Of The Neo Mannerism Style

Neo mannerism was a form of Edwardian architecture. In this style usually a steel frame or any other type of concrete frame was used and the older structures were modified and were given contemporary look. This has been done in Royal Liver Building in Liverpool.

There were a lot of experiments going on as far as architecture was concerned in the Edwardian times. This new trend yielded vast results. New method of constructing architecture was formulated. Amongst the several innovations, these were some of the ideas.

A concrete frame made of ferrous was covered with brick or with stone for the purpose of making a building. It could also be covered in concrete material to make other architectural forms. A noticeable concrete band was left on floors that were constructed. A lot of detailing was taken care of by the architects while constructed buildings. Even the windows were made with the most innovative forms of architecture in the Edwardian times.

As far as church architecture was concerned, there was a gothic revival in the church buildings during the Edwardian times. But even then it was in subtle style. This is prominently noticeable in the Liverpool Cathedral. Mock Tudor constructed the country houses. These houses had big windows. Amongst the traditional architects, the name of Sir Edward Lutyens is worth mentioning. As far as the middle class houses of the Edwardian times are concerned, art nouveau, Japanese style and art and craft style cast a huge impact.

But the houses of the Edwardian period were much more simpler than what was constructed in the Victorian times.

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