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Edwardian Era Ball Event: life and times of Edward Gorey

Edwardian Era Ball Event: The world has a very interesting way of celebrating the past. Some celebrate birthdays of great leaders, while some celebrate landmark events by dedicating a whole day in their honor.

Edwardian Era Ball Event

They celebrate the vision of a man and in dedicate time in his memory. The man in question is Edward Gorey, an American writer, and cartoonist, who has left an indelible mark in the lives and minds of many people.

Edwardian Era Ball Event

The event that is conducted to commemorate the life and times of Edward Gorey is named rather uncannily as the Edwardian Ball.

The ball isn’t named so as a matter of coincidence but because of the fact that one of the norms for the attendees of the event is to dress up in attire befitting of the Edwardian Era of Britain.

Edwardian Ball San Francisco

The Edwardian Ball is held in pomp and splendor in San Francisco as an annual event which brings together artists from the spheres of music and theatre in order to perform and interact at a common platform in America.

Edwardian Era Ball Event: life and times of Edward Gorey

It began as a small get together for Gorey enthusiasts but has since evolved into an internationally recognized event of renown in a matter of a decade.

Edwardian House

The Edwardian ball is hosted by Edwardian house band Rosin Coven in collaboration with the Avante acrobatic group Vau De Vire Society.

Edwardian Era Postcards
Edwardian house

The event includes stage shows, sideshows, live music, art galleries and much more.

Edwardian Era Legacy

The Edwardian Ball attracts visitors from across continents from countries like Australia, England, Japan, and several European nations.

Edwardian Era Ball Event

The event is open to people of all ages as the world comes together under the dark and grimly recreated settings that are recreated in true Edwardian era legacy.

Edwardian Era Ball Event Calendar

This is a platform for literary aficionados to come together, discuss their works and their ideas and learn about others like them. The humorously dark and elegant settings only add to the intrigue surrounding the much heard of the event.

Edwardian Era Ball Event: life and times of Edward Gorey

The Edwardian Ball is easily one of the most anticipated events of the calendar year and attracts big names towards the event itself.

After all the Edwardian Ball is a whimsical yet elegant celebration of music, art, technology, fashion and theatre that is a long-standing tribute to one of the greater author/illustrators of our time, Edward Gorey.