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How was Edwardian Era Food like?

Known for variations and new ideologies, the Edwardian era is referred to the time span between 1900 and 1910. The advent of King Edward VII brought about many significant changes in the lives of the masses. Be it art, fashion, or education everything saw a new side to it thanks to the Edwardian era.

If the Victorian era was formal and conservative the Edwardian era seemed to be just the opposite. Bold and fresh ideologies became the unique characteristics of this era. Edwardian food was both rich and yummy for the taste buds. Some often say that the Edwardian food was rich to the extent of indigestion.

The carbohydrate intake of a typical Edwardian child was much higher than that of the fresh fruit or meat intake. Healthy eating habits most probably were incorporated in the year 1920 in England. Delicacies like the oyster patties, ratafia trifle and pressed duck were huge favourites of Edwardian adults.

A child’s meal irrespective of the financial standing of his family in the society was composed of a little meat with some potatoes and gravy. The meat was sometimes served hot or otherwise cold. One more vegetable like a cabbage was usually tagged with this meal. Steamed or milk pudding with custard or jam composed the other delicacies more likely to be served to the elites.

The Edwardian meals were thus a bit unfair to the children. It was however presumed that the provided meal was the best available meal for the children. Other treats to the taste buds included fish and shellfish. Pickles and sauces like the ketchup we use today found intensive use even in the Edwardian era. Processed meat products came up as new much sought for food available at the butchers or cooked meat shops.

Edibles like sausages, haslets, pies and brawl came on to become huge favourites of the time. These eatables though little expensive were real treats and were an everyday affair for the rich and mighty. Meat composed maximum of the menus be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. The Edwardians surprisingly ate huge amounts of food.

Food items like ice creams, chips, fries, chocolates and candyfloss started registering in the Edwardian era. Towards the beginning they were associated with more of outings but it slowly reached the Edwardian dining table. One can easily conclude that most of the Edwardian folks without a doubt were foodies.

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