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Edwardian Era Hairstyles

The Victorian era popularised the trend of getting ones hair styled by a hairdresser. Middle parted hairstyles became famous and natural curls started a trend which lasted for quite some time. The reign of King Edward VII in the early 1900s saw a huge change in fields like art and fashion. The male monarch’s tastes were fresh and bright. Hence new ideas became fashion and the older ones were cast out as stale.
This period saw extensive use of pads and frames of false hair to make ones hair look fuller and thicker. Maids of rich ladies would wind their hairs in balls of padding to make it look more poufy. It went perfectly with the dressing styles of the Edwardian era as even the dresses then was more puffed than normal. This sort of hairstyle was almost always accompanied by huge Edwardian hats which in turn were held in place by the use of hatpins. These hatpins were often jewelled and came with elaborate trimmings.

Permanent curling brought another wave of appreciation among the women; once curled it remained intact for months on end. Women all around United Kingdom went gaga over this new discovery. It is no wonder that this style remained in fashion for years on end. The next trend was the bob cut which was also known as the flapper style. In this fashion women started to wear their hair really very short.
Another hairstyle which drew admiring looks from people was the pompadour style. It was one in which you had to comb all your hair backward and then tie it in a flat coil which in turn would be drawn towards the crown of ones head. This style used no false hair in hairstyling. With the end of the corsets and the new fashion of natural dressing the hairstyles became natural too. Towards the end of the Edwardian era the use of false hairs and pads had become minimal.

Today we use a mix and match of many new and old hairstyles. Its no more about one particular trend rather about you own style statement.

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