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Edwardian Era Jewellery: Pendants, Brooches, Design style

Antique jewellery has been something that has captured the imagination and fascination of people all around the world. Jewellery making as a craft has been coveted since ancient times. In more recent times, jewellery making and the importance of a jeweller improved greatly since the Victorian age when jewellers themselves came to be much appreciated for their efforts in creating the best quality jewellery with the most artistic and imaginative designs.

However the period after the Victorian age, that is the Edwardian age came to be known as the Gilded age for the way art, craft and culture flourished throughout this age.
Edwardian jewellery was characterized by the unique techniques for manufacture and the skilled workmanship that went in making such jewellery. Edwardian pendants were popular during the time and made by using gold alloy or even platinum. The Edwardian necklaces were of very astonishing design. One of the more popular ones was the one which had two drops of varied hanging from a central element.

Some pendants and jewellery from the Edwardian age had a distinct influence of Indian jewellery making styles. Queen Alexandra apparently liked Indian jewellery so much during her visit to India that the royal jewellers began imitating some of the designs while other jewellers sought to combine the style with the Victorian style of jewellery making.

While jewellery was usually more of a symbol and sign of high status in society, it doesnt mean that those from the lower strata did not wear jewellery. Most jewellery at that time was expensive and luxurious, but more affordable varieties were also made during that time. Some of the alloys of gold were prepared in order to cut the cost factor involved in making jewellery thus making it more affordable than the platinum ones that were the most common ones during that phase of British history.
edwardian era jewellery
The Edwardian silver brooches, the gypsy ear rings, simple bangles and many more such pieces of jewellery came to be for the non affluent middle class as these jewelleries too gained much popularity at the end of the Edwardian era. Jewellery designs are much more bold and in your face today and have lost some of the subtlety that characterized jewellery making in the Edwardian era.

The importance of the maker has somewhat diminished with machines being preferred to the hands of a jeweller. However the idea behind jewellery remains the same. It is still a mark of high status and affluence.

Edwardian pendants

The Edwardian pendants are classy as they are made by unique manufacturing ways. Some of them were heavily decorated while some of them were more delicate as well as astonishing. Many pendants of this time were made out of diamonds, pearls and platinum. They were luxurious pieces of jewelry which were possessed by well to do women from high society.

Some of the Edwardian pendants were small diamonds. Others were made of solitaire. The heart shaped pendant was in vogue during the Edwardian times. They were often gifted as romantic gifts.

Platinum pendants were equally popular. They were light weight jewelry as well as tough ones. They were decorated with diamonds or with other gem stones. White gold alloy was also used to make pendants. It served as a substitute for platinum. Another style of necklaces and pendants were in vogue those with 2 hanging chains, fixed from a central fixed point. The chains were of different lengths.

The Edwardian jewelry has Indian influences to some extent. In his visit to India, he fell in love with the jewelry that was created in India, especially the jewelry that the royals in India wore. Some Edwardian pendants survive till date and are found in the antique collection of some people.

Edwardian Era Brooches

The style of the Edwardian times carried on till the First World War. Brooches were a very important part of costume jewelry that the Edwardian women wore. People bought exquisite brooches to decorate their attire. They lend sophistication to the overall look.

Edwardian period brooches are exquisite in their design and stand for sophistication. Luxurious designs marked these brooches and extravagant materials were used to make them.

King Edward VIII was a very sophisticated man himself. He was a trend setter in England. Therefore, the entire nation followed the trend of wearing sophisticated jewelry and clothes and costume jewelry to enhance the look further.

The jewelry of the Edwardian times was different than the jewelry of the Victorian times. The Victorian jewelry was heavy, and ornate. Dark jewel tones were used on them.

However, the Edwardian jewelry was more light, romantic and whimsical. Unlike the dark colored jewelry of the Victorian times, the Edwardian men and women preferred to wear white jewelry made of platinum, white gold alloys and also diamonds.

Not only did the high society women put on Edwardian brooches, the people who were not so rich also wore them. Pearls along with diamonds and also several other gem stones were too in fashion. Lots of brooches were made from several varieties of white pearls. Some other materials that were used to make

Edwardian brooches were:

1. Molded glass

2. enamel

3. copper

4. brass

5. celluloid

6. And horn

The diamond and platinum brooches were very popular with people who could afford them those who were not so affluent wore less expensive brooches.

Art Nouveau had its influence on the Edwardian brooches. Some of the Edwardian brooches were made in very bold colors.

The Edwardian jewelry has Indian influences to some extent. In his visit to India, he fell in love with the jewelry that was created in India, especially the jewelry that the royals in India wore. Some Edwardian brooches survive till date and are found in the antique jewelry collection of some people.

Edwardian Era Earrings

The Edwardian era will always be remembered by people as the age of the rise of the craftsman. This was an age where innovations in work of craft elevated the otherwise silent craftsman to a whole new level of appreciation. The world may have stood up to take notice of the wondrous works of the craftsmen of this era decades later but nevertheless their skill and brilliance are appreciated till today.

The same can be said about Edwardian jewelry. The jewelers of this age deserve special mention in history books for their delicate and beautiful designs on the stunning pieces of metal that they are. The ear rings of the era were the most appreciated. This article looks to discuss the designs and craftsmanship of Edwardian earrings.

The Edwardian earrings were stunning creations in their own right mostly made of platinum and gold with preferred pearl and diamond stones. The Edwardian period was one of grace and elegance which saw the most rare and expensive metals and stones being preferred in jewelry particularly earrings. One of the more popular designs see Edwardian earrings made of a long row of precious stones usually diamonds ending with a pearl which makes it look like a drop of tear.

The chandelier style earrings were also very popular at that time. Other popular designs were the sparkling cascade of diamonds and the girandole style. Most of these Edwardian earrings were set with small stones; however the bigger ones were used as well. The bigger stones particularly diamonds were of the European Cut or the Old Mine Cut while the small ones were more often shaped by the rose cut design. After the Edwardian era we find an extensive use if the pear shape diamond.

Edwardian earrings were designed in feminine motifs mostly and were immensely graceful. The diamond earrings had an appeal that still lasts in Edwardian design jewelry. This is something that makes people come forward and look towards Edwardian earrings to make them look graceful and elegant when the occasion demands it.

For one thing Edwardian jewelry is still immensely popular when it comes to bridal jewelry as they possess value through their age. Maybe