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Edwardian Era Jobs

Edwardian jobs were a bit different from the modern times. There were the rich and the poor. The royalty included nobles who were very rich and lived off the earnings of others. Then there were the writers and the publishers. The Industrial Revolution had played a very important part of urbanization. Thus there were a lot of Industrialists as well.

And then Edwardian jobs included the colonial officers, those in the service of the Queen. This included accountants and administrators, doctors and lawyers. Since colonialism mainly occurred through the seas, so sailors were also prominent. However the section of the working class which was ignored largely through this era was the have-not.

Domestic Servants

The valet was a prime domestic servant who took care of the needs of his master. It was virtually impossible for a rich man to carry out his daily needs without the help of his valet. Right from ironing the masters clothes to cutting of train tickets or preparing the masters luggage for a trip; all the work had to be done by the valet.

The silverware, crystal ware and chinaware were taken care of by footmen. Till the 19th century, footmen were a symbol of wealth in their masters house which means that only the rich could afford them. They had to be charming, tall and young and wore uniforms; these uniforms were bought by the owners. Thus this made their upkeep costly. As they were proof of their masters wealth, so they also had to be clean shaven and well built at all times.

The chef was another important servant of the house. In the early twentieth century, country houses were like small towns. A lot of people lived in them. This does not mean that the family always had a lot of members. The house included besides the family, a string of servants. The chef was expected to cook, not only for the family and its guests, but also for the entire servant hold. It was a difficult job.
Edwardian jobs included many other types but these were the main ones; for more information look up the net.

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