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Edwardian Era Makeup: Eyes, Lips, Skin and Hair Care

Makeup has been the essential aspect of the beauty industry ever since human beings started being conscious of their looks. Be it the latest movie or the theatre of the Shakespearean era, a good application of makeup has always been handy to add to you that extra beauty. The Edwardian era is often referred to as an era which set new landmarks in the world of fashion.

After the dull and formal fashion of the Victorian era, the Edwardian era came as a breath of fresh air to ease away the pains of boredom. Simplicity was one of the essential features of the Edwardian era, i.e. the period between 1900 and 1910.

Edwardian women preferred to call themselves naturally beautiful and the application of cosmetics was avoided to some extent. However, this was more of a show off coz after reaching a certain age cosmetics became a necessity for the upkeep of the beautiful skin Edwardian ladies were used to.

Skin care

Except for the age, issues like a diet containing high amount of carbohydrates, spasmodic exercises and living in a polluted environment added to the woes of Edwardian ladies. Their skin was nowhere close to being radiant thanks to the mentioned problems. So the makeup was used but admitting to its use was a rare practise and was avoided by all means.

Women would fake to be naturally beautiful even if they really weren’t. Face enamelling again became a popular trend in the early 1900s and was widely accepted by the English society. Various shades of rouge also found intensive use in the makeup. Even burnt matchsticks found good use in the then makeup industry.

Eyes and Lips makeup

Eyelashes were darkened with the help of these matchsticks. Also known is the use of geranium and poppy petals to stain the lips. Amongst the various orders of perfumes used lavender formed the most popular one as it rightly complemented the popular trend of donning sweet pea coloured dresses.

Doing the hair into waves was another popular Edwardian trend to appear natural. Hair was considered to be a high point in a woman’s beauty and was often decorated with jewels, feathers and other ornaments.

Parlous emerged as the makeup solutions store for every woman across England. However she couldn’t admit having visited a parlour and so went there well veiled. The Edwardian women were always ready to pay considerable good amounts of money to look beautiful.

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