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Edwardian era men’s dress Designs,Photos

Here are some design pictures of Edwardian era men’s dress/costume designs.

Edwardian times dressing style of men

Edwardian times men’s dress/clothing design style

Edwardian times dressing style of men

Men’s Shirts

Different style of wearing clothes was adopted by men and women.

The upper class of the Edwardian times was dressed at their best all the time. They were extremely conscious of the way they dressed up. The shirts that men wore were very sophisticated, long sleeved. The typical look of an Edwardian man consisted of a shirt and a trouser. The Edwardian shirt was a collared one. The shirt has a full length opening on the front portion. The sleeves of the Edwardian shirt had cuffs attached to them.
What are the materials that made up the Edwardian shirts?

The Edwardian shirts were mainly made up from the following materials:

1. linen,

2. cotton,

3. ramie,

4. silk

5. or wool

Unlike in the present times, polyester and other such artificial fibers were not used. These days shirts made out of polyester and similar fabrics such as polyester blends make the shirts less expensive.

During the Edwardian times, lots of shirts were produced from cotton. That was the normal look of men. Silk shirts were used as party wear. They were worn especially at dinner parties. The silk shirts were worn by men during evening time.

Dress colours

The primary color of shirts during the Edwardian times was white. White symbolized class and sophistication. Gradually, as time progressed different colored shirts were worn by men. Blue succeeded white.

There were different types of collars were worn by men. The collars varied from straight collars to spread collars. Wide, spread collars were mainly worn during parties and occasions.

The Edwardian shirts were all tailored well to fit perfectly. They made the men look like perfect gentlemen.

The Edwardian times were such that beauty and fashion were given a lot of importance by both men as well as by women. But people were sensible in their styles and did not flaunt over the top dress codes. Even when posterity looks at the Edwardian men and women, their styles do not appear to be weird and strange. They dress in a manner that is similar to the contemporary fashion. Let us explore the unique styles of Edwardian men.

Sack Suits

Men were often seen in sack suits. They were loose fitted (baggy) clothes, long and simple. These had wide lapels and 1 3 button closure. The suits that are worn during the present times are kind of similar but they are fitted clothes and they are shorter. The slack suits that the Edwardian men put on were 30 32 inches in length. These slacks were either just single breasted or they were double breasted.
These suits came in hues of dark shades like navy, brown, green or grey. Woolen fabric was used in these clothes. The appearance that was projected consisted of blocks like jacket and straight pants. The pants were wide towards the hips and fell straight to the angles, slightly tapered down.

A white vest was usually put on underneath the suits. The vest was cut from the centre. The vest was formed out of ivory silk fabric and it was either with a lapel or it was without lapel.

A plain basic shirt was worn underneath the vest. Usually, they were plain white in color or they were grey. There were light stripped designs on the shirts. The front part of the shirts had a bib pattern. There was a collar attached. They were either wing tip collar or pointed down collar or a club collar.

The shoes Of Edwardian Men

The men folk wore shoes according to the occasion and the place. The Edwardian men wore boots while they headed for heavy travel. They were also worn as business attire. Other popular shoes worn by Edwardian men were oxford shoes. Yet another variety was the pumps. They resembled the oxford shoes to some extent and the regular flat shoes worn by ladies to some extent.

Other Dress Accessories

Edwardian men were seen putting on gloves and hats. Ties were a popular accessory too. The bow tie, neck tie, and the cravat tie completed the attire of the Edwardian men.

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