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Edwardian Vanderbilt

There are several such hotels which are regarded as Edwardian Vanderbilt. They formerly served as the residences of the Vanderbilts.

They have now been transferred into hotels offering a luxury living to people. Let us take a look at some of these hotels and see the facilities they offer.

Radisson Edwardian Vanderbilt Hotel

This hotel is situated amidst the busy South Kensington region. The location of this place is superb. It is a four-star Edwardian Vanderbilt.

Edwardian Vanderbilt Hotel

The Vanderbilt family used to stay in it once upon a time. It was a grand residence and its grandeur is retained to date.

Features of Edwardian Vanderbilt

The original features of the Vanderbilt homes have been maintained wonderfully till date. There are roaring fires inside this place. The hotel is decorated with priceless, original artwork. All these, combined with comfortable gorgeous fabric gives a feeling that is exquisite.

Edwardian Era Postcards
Edwardian house

The people who board this place get all deluxe facilities. Since this Vanderbilt is located at the heart of London, people engaged in business can easily access this place. On the other hand, travelers also love to put up here because of the facilities they get.

Edwardian Vanderbilt Facts

There are a total number of 215 rooms in this Edwardian Vanderbilt. A rich English atmosphere prevails in the entire hotel. The bathrooms are all marble clad and it gives a super comfortable feeling. This Vanderbilt offers you advanced telephone systems and also voicemail connections.

Edwardian Vanderbilt Room

European plug sockets are present in the rooms. The deluxe rooms are abundant in space and are ideal for meeting purposes. The seating area is arranged in a way in which it can accommodate several people.

The Food 

This Vanderbilt comprises of 68 86 bar cum restaurant. This place forms a great option to dine. You will find some great British food here which also has Pacific Rim flavors. You can check out this place for some great breakfast, lunch, dinner. Don’t worry if you are a vegetarian.

You will get some wonderful vegetarian dishes here too. You will not forget the mouthwatering, delicious cuisine of this place and will surely revisit it again and again.

Edwardian Vanderbilt Interior

This Edwardian Vanderbilt has a total number of 9 exquisite function rooms. All sorts of gathering starting from meetings to training programs and marriage parties can be held in these halls.

You can call in a total number of up to 100 guests. Check out this place once and it will definitely be an experience worth cherishing.

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