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Famous Victorian Era Gardens in Britain. Designs and Decorations.

Gardens are always special and people who have enough space outside their house will surely want to grow beautiful flowers in their garden. Gardens can be of different types and styles. One of the most popular styles of the garden is the Victorian style.

Victorian era Waddesdon Manor Garden
Victorian era Waddesdon Manor Garden

Gardening during the Victorian era was usually characterized by the great decor and elaborate arrangements.

If you take a look at the pictures of the famous Victorian era gardens, you will find that they knew how to utilize decor outer space of their house. These outdoor parlors were not only used to impress the guests but were also used for entertainment.


Today people want to create famous Victorian era gardens in their house. The designs belong to that age but they have a look of the new generation. One of the most famous gardens in the Victorian England is Kew.

This garden was not opened for the common man because the queen was not in favor of it. But after the control went over the government, the garden was opened for the common man. This garden has a great collection of rhododendrons. The people of the Victorian period have a passion for the exotic plants.

There was a special attraction for the rare plants. There were some popular gardeners who belonged to the Victorian period. These gardeners follow the natural style of growing the gardens. This style is followed even today.

famous victorian era gardens

The Victorian houses had lots of open space in front and this was one of the major reasons why they had great chances of growing different kinds of plants. London square was the other place which can be included in the list of the famous Victorian era gardens.

Lots of plants were taken to the London square to make it look beautiful. Victorian England was so much fond of gardening and plants that they developed their own style. Some of the classic Victorian flowers are tulips, rose, snapdragons, and pansies. Seating arrangements is a must in the Victorian style garden.

Some features of Victorian gardens

  • Flower beds – shaped
  • Potted plants
  • Statues – at least one statue. Mostly Greek gods. Many were females and not dressed fully due to the times.
  • Carefully placed and planted
  • Geometrically placed flowers
  • Squares being most popular shape followed by a triangle
Waddesdon Manor Garden
Waddesdon Manor Garden


  • Decorative pebbles
  • Stone pathways
  • Benches
  • Rocks
  • Canopies
  • Pavilions

Garden Colours used

  • Pink was widely used
  • Bright colours like purple
  • And off course, green

Flowers used in Victorian gardens

  • Orchids – symbolised royalty, symbolised wealth. Was a famous flower of Queen Elizabeth. Was used in both homes and gardens
  • Tulips
  • Roses
  • Daisies
  • Shrubs

Significance of gardens

Were expensive to create and maintain by hiring several gardeners. So, were a reflection of your social class and status. More decorative gardens indicated that you are more rich and important.

Apiary in Waddesdon Manor Garden
Apiary in Waddesdon Manor Garden

Which are famous Victorian-era gardens in England?

Here are a few Victorian gardens for you to see.

Biddulph Grange, Staffordshire

Victorian era gadens at Biddulph Grange, Staffordshire
Victorian era gardens at Biddulph Grange, Staffordshire

It is a rather unusual high-Victorian garden by James Bateman for housing his plants collection from around the world. It has a series of connected ‘rooms’, influenced by different parts of the world. Biddulph has a Victorian vision of bright red pavilion of China, Egypt pyramids, and a Himalayan glen.

Bodnant, Conwy

Bodnant Conwy Victorian Gardens
Bodnant Conwy Victorian Gardens

It is a splendid garden located above the river Conwy with panoramic views across to Snowdonia. Upper level has large Italianate terraces and formal lawns. Below you have a wooded valley, stream and wild garden. From May to June it also has a 55 metre laburnum tunnel of golden blooms.

Cragside, Northumberland

One of Britain’s best high-Victorian gardens which also has possibly the largest rock gardens in Europe. The collection includes North American conifers, orchard house.
Gawthorpe Hall, Lancashire

Sir Charles Barry designed fine parterre. Enjoy woodland and riverside walks.

Hughenden, Buckinghamshire

It is a high-Victorian garden surrounding Disraeli’s house. Created by his wife, Mary Anne. She also designed the vases decorating the terrace.

Peckover House, Cambridgeshire

Fantastic Victorian townhouse garden. Trees include ginkgo, Chusan palm, a Tulip tree, the monkey puzzle.

Rowallane Garden, County Down

Has a large rock garden, wildflowers, semi-natural gardens and a formal walled garden.

Scotney Castle, Kent

Standen, Sussex

Sunnycroft, Shropshire

Tyntesfield, Somerset

The highlight are the Italianate garden terraces contrasting the Victorian gothic revival house.

Waddesdon Manor, Buckinghamshire

Instead of heading to see a French Château, just go to Waddesdon manor instead. It is my most favourite high-Victorian garden in England. Excellent formal parterres.

Therefore if you are interested in Victorian style gardening then you must make all these arrangements and choose the flowers. Shrubs can also be planted along the sideways to get a better look.