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George Augustus Baker, Jr. Biography

Below is the brief biography of George Augustus Baker, Jr. who was an American painter in the Victorian era.

Early Life of George Augustus Baker, Jr.

George Augustus Baker Jr – Portrait

George Augustus Baker, Jr. was the son of George Baker Sr who was an artist himself. He was skilled in miniature paintings and initially taught his son the same. Baker Jr learnt painting because of his father. He was trained by his father until the age of 16. In the commencing year, he had produced over 140 miniature paintings which he learnt from his father. He made a fortune selling these and soon began to exhibit at the National Academy of Design’s exhibition that happened once a year.

He was now skilled at miniatures and wanted to learn more. He join the National Academy and started taking lessons for ‘antiques’ in 1841. His miniatures were on ivory boards. He primarily painted ladies and children.

Art Career of George Augustus Baker, Jr.

He travelled to Europe in 1844, and spent a considerable amount of time in Italy where he learnt his art from old masters, studying and analyzing their works. He could now produce full scale portraits and was just as in demand as he was in miniatures. Therefore, he moved back to New York, United States and started producing portraits.

During the mid nineteenth century, he grew in portraiture and had a waiting list for sitters. He had a studio in New York, throughout his career.

‘The Children of the Roberts’ by George Baker Jr

His ideal works were ‘Wild Flowers’, ‘Children of the Roberts’, ‘Faith’ and ‘The May’. His pertrait of LM Hoffman in the Mercantile Library, NY was selected for the Paris Exhibition of 1867.

These private collections are spread throughout private owners of the paintings throughout the United States.

His works display a direct sense of attractiveness and authenticity.

Role at the National Academy
Due to Baker’s popularity as an artist, he was obviously an elected member of the Academy. Infact, he was highly involved in the affairs of the academy. He was elected for the member of the council, thrice in a decade. He was also on the Fellowship Fund Committee for the years 1868-1869.

He is known to have helped the Academy with funds a number of times, explained the Art Journal.

Personal Life of George Augustus Baker, Jr.

He is known to have owned a residence in Connecticut . However, he was a New Yorker all his life. Details of his family are uncertain.

Death of George Augustus Baker, Jr.

George Augustus Baker, Jr. was buried at the Trinity Church Cemetry, Manhattan, NY County, New York, USA.