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Georgian Era Jokes

Today’s Young generation feel proud of themselves by cracking some jokes and they presume that our forefathers did laugh at the same thing on which we are laughing today. It is true that we do follow some jokes from that century but it is also equally true that  Georgian Era people had more sense of humor than all.

The humor of 18th century indeed made them laugh but some humor was of the kind that they use to make people either protest or back off from their ideas. Although Georgian people looked polite and polished from their first impression they were equally cruel and coarse in their sense of humor.

The people of Georgian Era did not believe in romance or sentiments, rather they believed in the world they see in their time rather than extending beyond it. One can say that Georgian Era was considered as the world with violence, crime, prostitution, noise, dirty filth, and deformities but they were very good in their humor and fun which varied highly from vulgarity to obscene and nasty.

The jokes in the Georgian era were not limited to simple humor but they also used the subjects like deformities, handicappers, insanity, rape, and sexual violence. They found nothing wrong in making humor about these topics. They often cracked rumor on racial stereotypes.

There were aristocrats in Georgian times who use to visit “bedlams” where insane people are kept by paying, to observe their antics and make fun of their distress and perplexity. Even anti-Jewish jokes also prevailed during that time.

The jokes of the Georgian times are featured in the famous “Jester” series of publication. the book was printed in the late 18th century with many titles. Most of them just changed the old materials while some of them added new jokes and punches, anecdotes and proverbs.

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What are Some examples of Georgian Humour?

Here are presented few jokes which have original content from the Georgian times. They are no less than today’s jokes which are capable enough to roll tears in our eyes. they are funny, informative and amusing also.

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