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Georgian Era Fashion

Georgian Era Fashion: Georgian era is characterized by prosperity. The rich became richer owing to boost provided by Industrial Revolution. The clothing in this era reflected the individual characteristics of the person. It went on to become more person-centric than a matter of social status.

Georgian Era Fashion

There are abundant intricacy, elaboration, and attention to detail in the clothing of these times. Frills, embroideries, cut works become a feature of women’s as well as men’s clothing.

Georgian Women’s clothing

Skirts are full length and big. It was especially popular among working women teamed with a smart jacket. High waisted skirts were preferred which highlighted the figure.

Georgian Era Fashion

Corsets were used too. But they reach their peak in later times of the Victorian era. Georgian dressing is more natural and free-flowing as compared to later times in England.


Petticoats are used practically by all irrespective of social and economic standing. Was mainly a plain dress without sleeves worn inside the gown along with other clothing. Towards the end of the Georgian era, we see cut hems, designed well even on petticoats.

Black satin was a favorite among the women considering the tendency of the material to create a flowing effect. Muslin ‘buffon’ neckerchief was used to provide padding to blossom. At times, deliberate efforts were made to showcase the same.

Georgian Era Fashion

Short sleeves become a feature in this period. However, it was considered immodest and not observed frequently amidst the elite. This period can also be said to mark the beginning of stockings, suspenders, garters (used for holding socks up).

Men’s Wear

The men seemed to move on from patterned waistcoats to plain ones. Yet, patterned were still seen at formal and social gatherings. It could be tightly fitting forming curving tails. Embroidery and trimming remain fashionable for formal wear.

Around 1805, George (Beau) Brummell; trendsetter of those days took to dark-colored well-fitted suits over vivacious dressing of the time. He introduced wearing neckties. This practice is followed all over the world even today.
Georgian Era Fashion
It can be said that gentlemen and ladies of this period were learning to take on the new changes in lifestyle brought about by changing the economy. Some of it left a mark on the world of fashion forever owing to its complexity seconded by the emphasis on individual characteristics.

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