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G.M Hopkins God’s Grandeur, discovering connection between God and the world.

God’s Grandeur by G.M Hopkins

A well-crafted sonnet God’s Grandeur is written in the year 1877. It was the year Hopkins was fated as a Jesuit priest. The philosophy of  Hopkins focused on the individuality of natural things. The connection between God and the world of nature is being discovered.

Also about how the divine is pervaded in things and restored despite the efforts of humans to decay the whole show. In Britain and the West with the built-up and profitable revolutions collecting pace, the environment was to be found under unmatched pressures which were being placed on it.

A complex and sharp-eyed poet, Hopkins expresses all his dismay at this by writing sonnets which were astonishing smoothness and had profundity. Hopkins a fastidious and serious poet, worked on his lines, again and again, to achieve the desired effect in God’s Grandeur.

Gerard Manley Hopkins
Gerard Manley Hopkins

Analysis of God’s Grandeur

An Italian or Petrarchan sonnet, God’s Grandeur is being fragmented into 8 lines that are octave and 6 lines that is a sestet. The octave and sestet are conclusions rhymed and the rhyme scheme is chiefly abbaabba cdcdcd.

Hopkins practises to these traditions of rhyme and form. The choice of his semantic, theme and rhythm is the point where he is at variance the most.

By tradition, the octave is a kind of suggestion or rough guide, of any disagreement or idea. Next, the sestet turns out to be the progress or the conclusion to the octave. This alteration in logic is termed as the turn or Volta, in Italian.

The world is charged with the grandeur of God


As we declaim through the poem, the divergence between positive and negative language is obvious. Considering words from the poem reck, trod, seared, bleared, smeared, toil in the octave as reflecting the destructive influence of man on this world.

Also creating a note of words like charged and flame out, somewhere communicates individually to the component of fire. The implication that God and nature work well together is considered with the words charged, grandeur, flame out, dearest freshness with warm breast, bright wings both from octave and sestet.


Sonnets are commonly all about love, passion and connexions between people and lovers. The main emphasis of God’s Grandeur is on the achievement of God, the regular phenomena that he necessarily is existent within and the man’s conflicting negative influences.


The experiment of Hopkins with his metrical systems is well known to the readers. He favoured to mix things up and not be firm to the consistent iambic pentameter beat. God’s Grandeur is crammed with aberrations, such as the spondaic shook foil mentioned in line 3.

An unusual recurrent iambic beat occurs in line 5 were, ‘have trod, have trod, have trod’ improves the impression of many feet plodding.


Starting off “God’s Grandeur” is a claim that the earth is occupied with exceptional controls of God, the vivacity of God. The poem also says that the earth is at the end of impermanent. One day the fire will drive from it, getting a peak, then scattering sluggishly and breaking up at the end. Hopkins makes the readers imagine and feels what he presents them.

As stated by the reciter, the natural world is thick as thieves from God, but at the same time, it is transitory. Why don’t people don’t take better care of the natural world is the first question of the reciter. Why the power of God that is running through our environment is not being renowned and appreciated?

God's Grandeur,a visualization
God’s Grandeur, a visualization

According to him people have been interminably trekking through the world. Now the surface of the earth is hardened and scorched over by industry. It stares blurred and out of focus due to these growing industries.
The poet says that we, the humans who ponged up the earth.

Everything is being watched and sniffed like people considering all the bad things that are done by the people. We don’t have any flowers or trees or grass on the ground we walk. On the other hand, we attire shoes for the purpose that the ground itself is felt to our feet no longer.

Just see how our connection with the natural world is nowhere to be found. But again the reciter reassures us that the nature under no circumstances stops. Nature is whacking subversive, like a secreted spring. Also, the sun sets in the west, fetching nightfall and darkness, but then again rises in the east, fetching sunny and bright morning.

The readers are assured by the reciter, that the morning tails night and light tails darkness as the Holy Ghost is all the time on the wing over this world, thinking intensely and concerned.

The way a bird treats her unhatched eggs, the Holy Ghost also lookouts over the world and treats it in a similar manner. Provided that cosiness, safekeeping, balminess, loveliness and gesture.

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