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Henry Moore Artist Biography

Henry Moore was born on 7 March 1831. Born in the family of artists, he was the son of the renowned portrait painter William Moore. After being trained at home, he was sent for formal education at York School of Design and further in Royal Academy. 

What Inspired Henry Moore

As a beginner, he was perfect at landscapes, rural arts, and animal paintings.  He took his inspiration from landscapes of France, Switzerland, and Ireland for his initial paintings and portraits. He was an expert with strokes and colors.   

Henry Moore kingqueen

With more of traveling, his love for the sea grew. While on a trip on a voyage with his friend in Devonshire who was fond of cruising, Moore was deeply delighted with the beauty of the sea and marine life. After coming back from the trip, he started painting the sea.

Henry Moore’s Education and Career

It was the waves and tides and effect of weather that attracted him and further beautified his imagination. A keen observer, he dedicated all his time to study the tides, their movements, changes taking place at each time of day and with every weather.

Henry Moore - Catspaws off the Land

Not being a popular face and behavior not as beautiful as his work, it took a bit long time for him to get ranked in Academy. “Catspaws off the land” get him into the ranks of Academy.

Henry Moore Artist Biography

This being his first recognition, he was then kept on awarded and appreciated for his spectacular work. He was appointed as a member of a gallery of the Society of British Artists from1867 to 1875.

Henry Moore

His most remarkable work of Academy pictures was ‘A White Calm’, ‘The Launch of the Lifeboat’¸ ‘The Clearness after Rain’, ‘Shine and Shower’. ‘The Clearance after Rain was awarded for ‘The Painter’, ‘the Grand Prix’ and ‘Legion of Honor’ at the Paris Exhibition of 1889.  

Henry Moore Paintings

‘Afloat and Ashore,’ was held by the Fine Art Society in 1887 that was an exhibition of ninety paintings by him.

Sketch by Henry Moore in The Hepworth

It was his love and passion for painting that he lived for. Not less than 550 paintings were exhibited. Moore breathed his last on1895.

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