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Hughes Cornelius Jabez Photography, Phrenology

Cornelius Jabez Hughes was an avid student who pursued Phrenology and other related subjects such as pseudo-science. Born in the year 20th July 1989 in Westminster, Cornelius Hughes moved to Glasgow to open his very own studio. He was well-known in the Glasgow Photographic Studio. Later he started doing active work for the society, during the 1850s period.

Alicia Photo
Alicia Photo

In the year 1855, after he returned to the city of London, Cornelius purchased several studios such as the Mayall Studio and the Regina House Studio. These popular studios were frequented by Royalty. Queen Victoria and other royal British members loved to pay a visit. Hughes favourite subject was photography and he often wrote about his very own photographic journey and the successes he earned. Some articles were aptly titled as “About Light and About Lighting in the Sitter, with Some Reflections About the Room in which He is Lighted.”

Queen Victoria Photo
Queen Victoria Photo

Features of Hughes Cornelius Jabez’s works

  • Hughes was one of the best and also one of the most famous photographers of his times.

  • He married Esther Wright in the year 1843 and had a son named E.S. Hughes

  • Hughes became an assistant in Mayall in the year 1847 in London City

  • He was both member and council member of the Royal Photographic Society from the period between the1860s to late 1880s

  • Hughes breathed his last in Ryde on August 11th, 1884

  • He died at the age of 65

  • He was buried in the cemetery of Abney Park