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Impression- Le Reveillon

‘Impression- Le Reveillon’ is a beautiful poem that gives a vivid description of the sunrise. The poet Oscar Wilde writes about every detail he notices about the Dawn.

Impression- Le Reveillon Poem Words

The sky is laced with fitful red,
The circling mists and shadows flee,
The dawn is rising from the sea,
Like a white lady from her bed.

And jagged brazen arrows fall
Athwart the feathers of the night,
And a long wave of yellow light
Breaks silently on tower and hall,

And spreading wide across the wold
Wakes into flight some fluttering bird,
And all the chestnut tops are stirred,
And all the branches streaked with gold.

Impression- Le Reveillon
A page from the book containing ‘Impression- Le Reveillon’

Meaning and Analysis of Impression- Le Reveillon

He paints the picture of a red sky, the mists and the shadows of the night all gone as Dawn rises from the sea like a ‘White lady’ from her bed.

Poem Text- Impression- Le Reveillon
The poem: Impression- Me Reveillon

He paints a tower by the sea and colors it yellow, as if, stolen from the rising sun. He then paints birds in his portrait. One bird which spreads its wings, signifying life.

The Poet

Poet Oscar Wilde was a great poet and writer in the Victorian Era. His plays, Poems and Short Stories inspired a number of people in the Victorian Era. Oscar was born on 16 October 1854 in Dublin.

His full name was Oscar Fingal O’Flaherty Wills Wilde and his mother was Jane Francesca Agnes, a famous poet and nationalist of that time.

Oscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde

Wilde father was William Wilde who graduated as a doctor at the age of 28. He did his higher education at Trinity College, Dublin. Thereafter, Oscar went to the Magdalen College, Oxford, England and studied there for four years.

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