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In The Forest:

Poem In The Forest Text

Out of the mid-wood’s twilight
Into the meadow’s dawn,
Ivory limbed and brown-eyed,
Flashes my Faun!

He skips through the copses singing,
And his shadow dances along,
And I know not which I should follow,
Shadow or song!

O Hunter, snare me his shadow!
O Nightingale, catch me his strain!
Else moonstruck with music and madness
I track him in vain!

In The Forest
Oscar Wilde in the setting of ‘In The Forest”

Meaning of In The Forest

‘In The Forest’ was one of the very few poems that instantly brought a smile on my face. It has been so beautifully written, almost carved from the wood in the forest he writes about, that your heart is bound to melt into a smile.

This poem is rich in imagery and transports you immediately to a world you can only hope isn’t imaginary. In this piece, he talks about finding his Faun in the forest which is as mesmerizing as the night itself.

In The Forest
In the Forest by Oscar Wilde

His Faun sings a lovely song and his shadow dances in the light of the moon. The tune guides him on a path and it’s shadow to another. He is torn between which way he should venture.

He seeks the help of a hunter to help him track the shadow and that of a Nightingale to help him find the song. He finds himself drowning in the madness of the night and the moonlight.

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