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James Cameron (1846 – 13 July 1922) Victorian politician

James Cameron was a renowned Scottish born politician of Australia. Cameron was born to a farmer family of Alexander Cameron. His mother was Anne Pullar. The birthplace of Cameron was Logie-Almond (Perthshire). He was the eldest child in the family.

Life of James Cameron

The entire family shifted to Victoria in the year 1854. They first settled in Batesford and then finally settled at Beremboke. The family served as the tenant farming and the kids of the family got rudimentary education only at their home.

Later, the family was able to choose 6 small blocks at Beremboke which was around 250 acres land. But, this land was not providing sufficient livelihood for the living of 11 family members. Therefore, James along with his two brothers started to work as the contractors, leasehold farmers and surveyors in Western District. But they turned to East Gippsland as they were highly dissatisfied with the restrictions laid on the small farmers.

Firstly, at Orbost, he became a farmer. Later, he got his interest in mines at a place known as Nowa Nowa. He also indulged in the farm machinery.

In 1879, Sarah Scouller became his wife. With his wife, he has 7 kids.

Career of James Cameron

Cameron started to work clearing and draining Orbost flats. However, initially, he faced lots of difficulties as there was a shortage of labor and distance to flooding and market.

He also experimented with tobacco, beans and flax. But at the same time, he also relied on scientific dairying & maize and pig rearing.

Many times, he resorted for hiring Hindoo Harvester. Later, this caused a political embarrassment.

Later, he diversified himself into marble extraction and grazing at South Buchan.

As he has interest in farming machinery, he also served at the Orbost Butter and Produce Co. He was a director at this company. Cameron also became the manager to the schooner service at Melbourne.

He served from 1888-1892 on Tambo Shire Council. James Cameron elected as President twice (1885-86 and 1890-91). He was the first one to elected as the I Orbost Councillor. Cameron also served on Orbost Shire Council. He was in the same from 1892-1902.

In 1908, he started a no-confidence motion. It was against the Bent Government. In fact, he also appointed as the minister without portfolio. He was at this position from 1909 -1913.

He dies in 1922 in Orbost.

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