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John Hayter

John Hayter was born to Charles Hayter, a miniaturist, in the year 1800. His brother and the first son of Charles Hayter was Sir George Hayter, who was a portraitist like his younger sibling.

Biography of John Hayter

Hayter entered the Royal Academy in the year 1815. That very year he started exhibiting his portraits there.

John Hayter
A portrait by John Hayter that shows his father, his brother and himself.

He was born in London and He became best known as a portrait painter. Besides the Royal Academy, Hayter put his paintings up for exhibition at the British Institution and at the Royal Society of British Arts.

John Hayter’s Paintings

Hayter painted the portraits of popular folks of that time. Some of them were the Duke of Wellington and Giuditta Pasta, a famous opera singer. This helped him establish himself as a painter.

A painting by John Hayter
A painting by John Hayter

However, amongst his most popular portraits were those drawn using chalk and crayons. Some of these became so famous that they were engraved for The Court Album which comprised of portraits of the females of the aristocracy.

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