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John Henry Frederick Bacon Artist

John Henry Frederick Bacon (4 November 1865 – 24 January 1914) ) has always been counted amongst the majorly renowned artists all across the world. One can also call him a legend since he never failed to leave his everlasting impressions wherever he used to cast his artistical skills.

John Henry Frederick Bacon was born on 4th November 1865 in Kennington in the family of a lithographer. He was known to be an eminent British Painter who was a professional in illustrating the varied kinds of portraits, intriguing scenes from the History and Bible and also the genre works.

History of John Henry Frederick Bacon’s works

John Henry Frederick Bacon started showcasing his artistic skills from a very young age. He was  John Cardanall Bacon’s second son who was a lithographer and pursued his training from the two majorly recognized educational hubs in London i.e. Westminster School of Art as well as the Royal Academy School.

None of his artistic works went in vain since they were always worthy of being praised by heart. His immense talent started grabbing praises and admiration from his teenage years as a result of which he was able to attain a notable identity of an outstanding black-and-white illustrator.

Not only this, but he also left everyone awestruck with his first ever professional tour of India and Burma that too at a very young age of 18 years.

Marriage and death of John Henry Frederick Bacon 

He got married to the love of his life in the year 1894 and had 7 children. John Henry used to reside with his family at the ‘Pillar House’ situated in Harwell, Berkshire. He started suffering from acute bronchitis that led him to death in the age of only 49 on 24th January 1914.

John Henry Frederick Bacon art skills 

One can never get over the artworks which were exhibited by John Henry during his lifetime. His artworks not only illustrated the colors or shading skills in his paintings but also the mighty tales and instances which were associated with his drawings and portraits.