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Kim Novel: One of the major works of Rudyard Kipling is the novel Kim which still finds huge implications even today. The story revolves around The Great Game which referred to the tensed situation between Britain and Russia.

Kim Novel Characters

It was the first time that a book was written brought The Great Game up front. The book and its characters are still used as inspiration and phrases from the book are used frequently in daily life.

Kim Novel
The cover of Kim

The story revolves around a beggar boy, Kim aka Kimball O’ Hara, who was the son of an Irish soldier and an Irish woman, both of whom had died due to poverty.

He mostly used to beg to earn a living and sometimes he ran errands for Mahbub Khan, a Pashtun horse trader who was also a spy of the British.

Teshoo Lama

Kim had befriended a monk who on a journey to find enlightenment. Kim, owing to a whirlwind of circumstances accompany his friend. As his treasure and his only belongings, he had a few documents that were related to his family.

While on this spiritual journey, he meets another well-wisher, the chaplain of his father’s regiment. He proposes to give this small boy a proper education and his friend, Teshoo Llama, decides to fund him.

Kim Novel
Kim by Rudyard Kipling -illustrated

Kim receives education and is trained in espionage. He graduates and is appointed as a spy with the British.

However, before he could join, he was given a much-required break when he travels to the Himalayas with his llama friend and Huree Chander Mukherjee, his superior.

Review of Kim

This is where Kim comes across proofs against the Russians. Quite foolishly, the llama falls into trouble with the Russians and is abducted by them. But Kim saves his friend and the llama finds the River of Arrows and attains enlightenment.

Kim Novel

The story is a masterpiece in itself. It beautifully portrays the journey of a little boy along the plains and the mountains of India. It is inspiring, capturing and moving beyond a particular limit.

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