Under the rose-trees dancing shade
There stands a little ivory girl,
Pulling the leaves of pink and pearl
With pale green nails of polished jade. The red leaves fall upon the mould,
The white leaves flutter, one by one,
Down to a blue bowl where the sun,
Like a great dragon, writhes in gold. The white leaves float upon the air,
The red leaves flutter idly down,
Some fall upon her yellow gown,
And some upon her raven hair. She takes an amber lute and sings,
And as she sings a silver crane
Begins his scarlet neck to strain,
And flap his burnished metal wings.She takes a lute of amber bright,
And from the thicket where he lies
Her lover, with his almond eyes,
Watches her movements in delight.

And now she gives a cry of fear,
And tiny tears begin to start:
A thorn has wounded with its dart
The pink-veined sea-shell of her ear.

And now she laughs a merry note:
There has fallen a petal of the rose
Just where the yellow satin shows
The blue-veined flower of her throat.

With pale green nails of polished jade,
Pulling the leaves of pink and pearl,
There stands a little ivory girl
Under the rose-trees dancing shade.


Wilde was a lover of all things good and so most of his poems are happy poems with beautiful imagery. This poem is one such poem.

It is about a little girl who busies herself by playing with flower petals, singing, and dancing. She faces some trouble momentarily but that is resolved and she is happy again.

Oscar Wilde: LE PANNEAU
The man behind the metaphors

This poem has two meanings. One, the literal meaning and the other, a metaphorical meaning. As per the metaphorical meaning, Wilde has tried to propagate that life is uncertain.

You might be having a great time but it might change all of a sudden and you will probably find yourself in a bad situation. However, it isn’t the end of the story. You will find happiness once again only if you have the courage to hold on.

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