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Les Ballons

Les Ballons:

Poem text

Against these turbid turquoise skies
The light and luminous balloons
Dip and drift like satin moons
Drift like silken butterflies;Reel with every windy gust,
Rise and reel like dancing girls,
Float like strange transparent pearls,
Fall and float like silver dust.Now to the low leaves they cling,
Each with coy fantastic pose,
Each a petal of a rose
Straining at a gossamer string. Then to the tall trees they climb,
Like thin globes of amethyst,
Wandering opals keeping tryst
With the rubies of the lime.

Les Ballons Review

Here is another happy poem from Oscar Wilde! And what more, it is about balloons! He writes how they rise up with the sky as their terrain, drifting like ‘ satin moons ‘ and silk butterflies.

The balloons reel with the sway of the wind, like the dancing girls. He compares them with pearls and writes about how they cling to trees and look so beautiful.

Les Ballons
Oscar Wilde

This poem has a lot of happy vibes and reminds one of a lovely summer morning when you sit on a park bench and watch balloons floating in the air. Life feels good then!

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