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Literary Canon

Literary Canon: The Literacy Canon represents the high culture of Europe and North America including the works of poetry, drama, fiction, non-fiction etc. The body of books of Literacy Canon has a great influence and importance to shape western culture and philosophy. The canon of books is the great monuments of art, literature, and thoughts.

Literary Canon

The canon is accepted as an Intellectual Western Tradition that has been fairly stable. This tradition goes from the Bible, an ancient Jewish culture, from Homer to James Joyce in literature, from Socrates to Wittgenstein in philosophy.

The reflection of European colonies major works is considered in the Nobel prizes in literature, as a growing interest has been found in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and South America in the 20th century.

Meaning of the term ‘Literary Canon’

The term of Literacy Canon defines as texts, narratives that have a great effect on a certain place and period of time. The canon can be considered as a list to determine value in the case of educational course. There would be no matter of debate or scrutiny in the case of scholars if the political process canonized all academic disciplines.

How canon can be formed and revised for proper function. There are issues as well as controversies to reform Literacy Canon in present decades. The originator of the literature based on America indirectly selecting the literary works to be taught. They had not assembled a canon formally.

Literary Canon
Literary Canon

In the early stage, the educators naturally created a curriculum, that would normally become canonized. Inevitably there would be a focus to bring what was sanctioned or approved for a certain reason. For example, in the initial years, the professionals were religious, so there would be every possibility to clergy related focus in the canon.

Many thoughts in the early years other the religion influenced the demography of the canon. These early producers chose and picked up the most crucial texts of American literature which contained literary works on gender, race, social standing for decades.

How were Literary Canons Developed?

The Canon makers were employed to develop the American literature. The canon was formally organized when the bodies accepted the texts like graphic novels, popular art like Harry Potter apart from the class-based thinking. The makers were looking through their own lenses into the back and to recognize the literary history.

American literature

The diverse demography of advanced world reflects in the canon by the scholars in the mid of 1960s. There was an inherited misconception that romantic poetry in Britain contained five or six poets, while a number of really good writers including women were there. But new anthologies began to appear at the end of the 20th century.

Modern Literary Canon

The modern Literacy Canon excludes human storytelling and emphasis on the written word. Popular human stories come from performed myths, oral. But canon eliminates oral tradition as they are not printed words.

What other people thinking and doing is effective to drive culture. People’s capability to listen, look, read and the judge is inherently undermined by Canon. Therefore, recent development would help to change the world of Literacy Canon.