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London Streets Names and Areas

London Streets: The finest and most remarkable sights in London can be found in its thoroughfares. The streets are not wonderful because of the architectural display or the magnificence of the shops around.

It is true that there are large palaces towards the West End of London. The fronts of the distinct block of buildings are united so that an imposing facade can be formed. There are some gigantic docks in the East End of the metropolis.

Queen Street
Queen Street

The surrounding streets portray the nautical uncanniness of the amphibious Dutch towns but this is not all about the London streets that make them so delightful.

There are also green parks that are scattered all over the city and are a reminiscence of the beautiful countryside. The London thoroughfares are the finest because of the wonderful variety of life that can be seen around them.

London Streets facts

The nomenclature of the London streets is very unsystematic like the plan of the thoroughfares. The same name has often been offered to a score or two of different streets like King Street. There are about 42 or so King Streets in the Postal Directory.

There are lots of streets, squares, terraces that bear a royal title. 73 have been christened as King, 78 of them as Queen, 42 as Prine’s, 4 as Princess’ and there are lots of others named as Duke, Duchess, Regents, and others.

Not only the royalty, but there are also streets that are named after the titles of nobles. About 89 localities are called York and 44 at Brunswick, 39 as Bedford, 35 as Devonshire and there are lots and lots of others.

London Streets Names and Areas

The trend extends to heroes as well. After the principle of hero-worship, 52 streets have been named Wellington, 29 as Marlborough and 11 after Nelson. There are others named in the honor of Prime Ministers. Six localities have been named after Pitt, two after Cox and three called Canning.

There are others that have been named after politicians. One of them has been styled as Cobden and two of the streets are named Burdett. There are also streets that have been created to commemorate the names of poets and philosophers.

London Streets Names

There are thoroughfares that have been named after simple Christian names. 43 have been named as Albert, 48 as George, 40 as Victoria, and 8 as Adelaide. Then there are 33 Edwards, 30 Alfreds, 35 Jameses, 47 Johns, and others Charlottes, Fredericks, and Elizabeths. There are also Roberts, Anns, Pauls, Adams, Marys, and Amelia.

King Street London
King Street

Some of the streets have been named after the surnames of the builders and the landlords and there are several thoroughfares that have names like Smith and Baker. Religious names are also not uncommon on the streets of London. There are the Ave-Maria-Lane, the celebrated Paternoster Row, and the Amen Corner.

There are Pagan titles as well. Neptune Streets, Minerva terraces, Diana Place, Apollo Buildings, and Hermes Street can also be found. Astronomically named highways can also be found like the Sun Street, the Star Alley and Thames Streets, and River Terraces.

Some of the streets in London are even named after their size or the number of shops that can be found on them. There are places that show the artistic importance of London like Fitzroy Square. The city is surely a wonderful sight and all the marvelous buildings on either side make it some of the most wonderful places in the world.

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