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The Giaour

Most of the works of Lord Byron are based on ‘Romanticism’. And “Giaour” is also an important work that was published in 1813 by John Murray and it is a poem of oriental romance.

The Giaour by Lord Byron

After publishing in several editions had become popular and after that, it gets critical attention from people. After that, Byron published more three “Turkish tales” called, ‘The Bride of Abidos’, ‘Corsair’, and ‘Lara’. “Giaour” is preferred by the audience like a poem of “Romantic Orientalism”.

poem, The Giaour

The theme of Giaour by Byron

This romantic poem says the story of love. Though this love does not last long and the beloved get died. The power of love is the main theme that makes the lover encourage and he tries to take revenge on the killing. Mainly, the theme of love is being shown in every segment.

The Giaour Lord Byron Analysis

This is a perfect example of a Byronic poem that has several versions. The first version has 375 lines. One of the letters of Lord Byron tells,

“The circumstances to which the
Above story relates are not very uncommon”

This quote has been written by Garber. “Giaour” is a Turkish term that means non-believer or who never believe. The story is of a doomed love between Leila and Giaour.

The Giaour Lord Byron Summary

Leila is a Christian maiden who lives in the Haram of a Muslim nobleman called, Hassan Pasha. In the poem, there will be held many unhealthy circumstances because of religion.

But Leila elected Hassan as her beloved. She eloped with her beloved for a single night of Ramadan. After that, Hassan, the Muslim man sack Leila and drowned her into the sea.

The Giaout Vampire

And after that, Giaour comes in the next day with the news as a messenger. So, here Giaour will be taking the revenge of his beloved’s death. He opens the door of Abyss and becomes an angel of death.

Then the heroic, epical battle get prepared and fight with the killer of his beloved. Hassan and Giaour get attached to the war for justice.

Combat du Giaour et du Pacha

Here comes an image of bloodshed which refers to an ‘Epic’. But on the other side, Hassan’s mother made a spell on the protagonist, Giaour that he will be forever cursed. He will writhe around the world as a vampire.

He will feel the pain of living in the ‘Inferno’ or hell. Actually, she tried to stop prevailing the truth of this murder and that is why she harmed Giaour.

The Giaour Poem by Lord Byron

“But first, on earth as vampire sent,
Thy corse shall from its tomb be rent:
Then ghastly haunt thy native place,
And suck the blood of all thy race;
There from thy daughter, sister, wife,
At midnight drain the stream of life;”

As Leila is already dead Giaour is just living in the world without having his soul. He is living but already dead from inside.

The fighting

After being cursed and destructed he start searching for solace, peace and then he goes to a monastery to find the ultimate peace in mind but in the disguise of a monk.

After spending a night in the monastery he could able to see an image of his beloved, Leila. She addressing Giaour said to join her that means to be dead.

When Leila gets vanished he starts thinking that the next morning he would be dead forever and will find his beloved forever.

“This broken tale was all we knew
Of her he loved, or him he slew”

Then, Lord Byron shows in the poem that he is telling the priest of the monastery about the fact that happened in his life. How Leila leave her and then how he tried to punish the killer.

But these will remain unknown if Giaour dies without letting anyone know. That is why he says to the priest and these stories will remain as a milestone. The heroic fight between two men for justice takes an important role.


The fragment of Turkish Tales gets critical attention from the other contemporaries and people also comment on this work of Lord Byron.

According to the critics, this poem is very much significant as romantic poetry. Here, Lord Byron more and more provokes the readers to think about the pain of Giaour.

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