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Lovers’ Knot Ring

Lovers Knot Ring has been used to adorn the hand and has been one of the most overused jewelry and item of displaying respect.

This could be said to be more true to the feminine minds though they have been used by the men of the Victorian era as well.

Lovers Knot Ring

Though the royalty and the nobility have used rings as well, rings have been used effectively as wedding rings and betrothal rings. The display of love and romantic bonds could not be portrayed than through rings.

Lovers Knot Ring

The circular form of the ring had been accepted as the symbol of eternity and thus it indicated affection. The ring has been taken up and described by writers about their affectionate display.

The rings thus obviously became the object of choice to act as the pledge of an engagement and was a pre-marriage custom.

Lovers Knot Ring
Lovers Knot Ring

This design of pre-marriage custom came from the old Jewish custom of offering something or exchanging gifts to ratify that an agreement or bargain had taken place.

There was also the Roman practice of giving a ring to mark the conclusion of a bargain.

Rings Had Been used for Betrothal

Practically almost every substance had been used for making rings, like bone, ivory, tin, gold, silver, bronze, lead and even crystals. These rings have then been adorned with precious stones.

Lovers Knot Ring

While the richer and more modern civilizations used precious or noble metals, the less civilized ones used bones and the less valuable ones.

Though it can be assumed that most of the earliest prototypes have vanished through the ages, it can be seen that they are actually still in use, though they have been modified. Most of the rings that are available today have a striking resemblance.

The Lovers’ Knot Ring

The Lovers’ Knot Ring has been in use for centuries and there is a marked similarity between the once available today and the ones that you find in the Victorian Era.

These lovers’ knot rings have been some of the most engaging gifts and ever since the world was young, they have served as one of the most serene sentiments of the human heart.

Lovers Knot Ring
Lovers Knot Ring

Names and sentiments have been common to be inscribed among the old love rings as they have been used for the betrothal or wedding rings until the very recent years.

True Lovers Knot Ring

The association of knots with friendship and affection, but especially love dates back to antiquity. But through the last years, these knots have been seen as a connection between two lovers.

The Lover’s Knot ring or the true lovers’ knot ring has the true lovers’ knot, which had been a popular one for sailors who were separated from their beloved.

Lovers Knot Ring

The knot is formed by the interlock of two overhand knots in the two parallel wires. Each one of the wire is flexible to move over the other, still remaining inseparable.

There are, however, others who consider that no knot can be considered as the ‘true love knot’ as knots have always been in general considered to be related to love and affection.


Sailors’ wedding rings were fashioned in this way as well, where the gold wire was wrought to incorporate the ‘true lovers’ knot’.

The resultant ring had two tori, each one being flexible to move about the other, never being separable. There are variations in the way that the overhand knots interweave and in the final arrangement.

Lovers Knot Ring

There has also been the tradition where the young couple would make a knot from the small limbs of a tree each. The knot holding and growing for a year would show that their love would stay true.  Thus there has been a lot of tradition connected to the ring.

Wide Acceptance

The love knot designs are still quite common in the jewelry world. It is true that there are lots of more common ring designs, it can be seen in ring designs and bracelets, pendants, and earrings.

Lovers Knot Ring

The design remains common because the symmetrical pattern allows the design to continue unbroken around the circumference, thus strengthening the idea of steadfastness in love and permanence.

The lovers’ knot ring has been a common token of boundless love since medieval and renaissance times and has thus been used by lovers all the world time and time after.