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Lyda d Newman

New inventions, discoveries were much in vogue in the American nation states and Lyda d Newman did set a new example of useful invention that could be really fruitful in our daily lives. Invention of a new kind of hair brush that could be separated for cleaning, sounds quite petty but was useful in those days and the technique became famous all across the globe. This might sound quite a humdrum invention but was really impactful for our daily lives. This invention earned her many praises and lyda d Newman was awarded the US patent in 1898.

Lyda d Newman was praised for her invention as the new kind of hair brush was proved to be durable as well. The thought that she worked upon an object that is used daily is praised a lot.


Lyda d Newman was born in Ohio, in the year 1885.

Lyda d Newman and her contributions for the society

The American society was just in quite a tender stage when she started working as a social worker , a social activist and the society needed reforms and changes especially for the status of women . She worked hard for developing the rights for women in the then society as the societal structure was in a pell mell then.

Layda d Newman
Layda d Newman


Lyda d Newman is also known for her contributions in the field of feminist rights and she is marked as a leading lady in the domain of rising trends of feminism in the then society. Being an afro American inventor of that special and new sort of hairbrush she gained much popularity and earned fame all across the globe.

Lyda d Newman and her life as an activist

Lyda d Newman is known to work with many other reputed female activists of her time. She had immense skills in networking and collaboration and was amazing with her communication skills too. Also, knew quite well how to bring people together and work together having a collaborative team spirit. She had that sense of integrity in her and hence, could work for uplifting women in the society.

Lyda d Newman working as a hair dresser

In accordance with a few records, lyda d Newman, worked as a hair dresser for a private family in her 30s’. This shows that along with the sense of social duties and rights for women she had that sense of creativity and aesthetics in her.

Lyda d Newman followed her passion for inventing a new technology for hair dos and also worked as hair dresser.

Layda d Newman
Layda d Newman


Contributions for the society

Lyda d Newman created her position in the society and formed an organisation, the woman suffrage party. By this she wanted to curate the rights for voting that was not allowed then when it came to women. She fought for equality of women in the nation.

the invention for which she was known and is still known is that hair brush which was meant for better hair dos , proper cleaning , better hygiene , ease of use , efficiency . This invention made her place in the pages of history.

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