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Margaret Cameron

Julia Margaret Cameron is the name in the history of Photography that is considered the maestro of photography in that ancient age as well. She was one of the pioneers of that age to pursue photography as a passion and profession too.

Margaret Cameron
A Photograph by Cameron

Margaret Cameron is the name carved in golden letters on the pages of history when it comes to the history of photography rather photographers.

Julia Margaret Cameron Biography


She was born in the year 1815


She died in the year 1879


Margaret Cameron was born in Britain

Some of her Very well-known Photographs are

She clicked an array of pictures, but some are really famous among those including:

  • The angel in the house
  • The gardener’s daughter
  • The Echo
  • The rosebud garden of girls
  • The daydreams
  • The kiss of peace
  • The dream April
  • The angel at the tomb
  • Pomona
  • Mariana
  • Beatrice
  • Hypatia
  • Julia Jackson
  • Summer days April

And so on and so forth …

A Photograph by Cameron
A Photograph by Cameron


this person was quite famous for her portraits of British celebrities.

Cameron’s Career in Photography

She never intended to start her career as a photographer but started taking interest in it as she was presented a camera in her late years at the age of 48. her career in the arena was quite short lived.

Her work was not as appreciated in those days as it is done in the today connection. she faced colossal condemnations and hence, she grew through constructive criticism in the domain of photography.


She got her education from France

Personal life of Cameron 

She got married and came back to India and reared up 5 children.

About Cameron’s Career

Though she was not appreciated in her career, she did not give up and always used to keep a detailed record of whatever she used to click and take snaps of. she used to keep in mind the copyright issues and kept a detailed record of her pictures in terms of quality, quantity, topic, object, and date as well.

  • She was also into photographic illustrations and her friendship with Tennyson helped her a lot in this arena. she used to make portraits of celebrities an important part of her career.
  • In her later life, Cameron moved to Sri Lanka when the number of photographs she produced was decreased but she became selective with the passage of time. in her last years, she suffered from bad chill and cold and hence, passed away in Sri Lanka.

Contributions of Cameron 

Her photographs are still presented in exhibitions and hence, are included as academic study topics as well. She contributed a lot to the field of illusions a

The Princess by Julia Margaret Cameron
The Princess by Julia Margaret Cameron

That helps in learning photography, especially in academia. We can learn a lot about her dedication and obsession with a coating, processing and exposing the wet plates of photos.

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