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Middlemarch A study of provincial Life

Mary Ann Evans

George Eliot

George Eliot’s Masterpiece, a perfect blend of historic incidents, religious faiths, psychological changes, Indecisive Love and Hatred.

Likewise Eliot has always been one of the realistic writers, and therefore the Novel signifies its interest for adults moreover, than the teenagers. During the age, where female writers mostly devoted themselves towards Love and sacrifices, Eliot brought up herself with Realism and a pinch of politics.

Dorothea Brooke, one of the protagonists, compared to St. Theresa, an orphan, religious, strong-willed, passionate, young lady, who lives with her sister Celia, with their unmarried uncle Mr.Brooke.Dorothea is presently working on some architectural designs for cottages for tenant Farmworkers, in Tipton.

Sir James Chettam who likes Dorothea, becomes disappointed after getting rejected over his friend Rev.Edward Casaubon who is a 45years old bachelor and Theological Scholar. Casaubon has spent decades for working on religious project The Key to all Mythologies .Dorothea admires Casaubon, and believes him to be a Good person. She expects to get a marriage proposal from him.

Whereas Casaubon is very much uninterested in her and her works. Soon she receives an awkward letter from Casaubon in which he proposes her for marriage.

It becomes such a dream come true situation for Dorothea, where she imagines to fulfill her ambitions through helping him to complete his project.Mr.Brooke and their family friends including the Bulstrodes hesitates for the decision, but later on they accept it, saying Dorothea has the right to decide.

Being misunderstood to Casaubon as a good person, who actually is an antisocial, dull, and a dry character, Sir James feels more of a concern for her. In a pre-wedding meet party, Dorothea meets Will Ladislaw, Casaubon’s Second cousin, who is an artist.

Tertius Lydgate, a passionate doctor, who has just moved to Middlemarch, and wants to open a hospital, meets Rosamond Vincy in the party, who is known for her beauty and arrogance.

Fred Vincy, who is Rosamond’s brother, a lazy and irresponsible fellow. He failed his university exam and returned back expecting to inherit land from Mr. Featherstone, which makes him more careless about money. He gets into debt, which is cleared by Mr. Garth, who is Mary’s father. Mary Garth and Fred know each other from childhood and both are in love.

Eventually Lydgate falls in love with Rosamond and gets married. While coming back from honeymoon Dorothea realized the kind of her husband, who rejects her help for his project. Will Ladislaw visits Dorothea and they share a beautiful bond together, where Casaubon is busy working in his library all day.

Dorothea comes to know that Sir James and Celia are engaged, and Casaubon is ill.Lydgate checks up on him, and prescribes him not to work more as it will make his condition fatal.Mr Featherstone who is a rich and widely disliked person, on the other hand is crucial, and is about to die.Mrs Vincy’s sister married him, and in hope of inheriting all his wealth all his relatives including the Vincy’s round him up. After his death it is revealed that he has formed a will according to which all of his wealth will be given to his illegitimate son, Joshua Rigg.People have no idea of who he is.

Graths face economical problems due to helping Fred to pay his depts.Mr.Brooke hires Mr.Grath to take care of Sir James’ property, which sort of helps them economically.

Fred comes back from university, after completing his degree finally. But Mary warns him not to enter the church. He ends up accepting a job of apprentice.

Joshua Rigg’s step father John Raffles arrives in middlemarch ,asking for money.Rigg refuses as he is an alcoholic and he used to beat him when he was a child. Meanwhile Lydgate, Rosamond and Will becomes good friends.

Casaubon who will soon die, asks Dorothea to make a promise.Dorothea thinks the promise is all about completing the book, and asks for time until morning. In the morning when she decides to say yes, she realizes that Casaubon is already dead.

Later on the will that Casaubon has made describes that she will get not a thing if she marries Will Ladislaw.It leaves her in shock, as she realizes that she loves Will.

The marriage between Rosamond and Lydgate is disturbing as well.Rosamond thought that Lydgate is a rich person whereas it’s totally opposite, and Lydgate is unable to bear Rosamond’s healthy enough,Lifestyle.

Raffles comes back and this time he threatens Bulstrode, blackmailing them about their past.He falls ill and Lydgate checks up on him. Due to no precautions by the servant at Bulstrodes, Raffle dies. Unluckily the blame includes Lydgate’s involvement, in the incident.

Lydgate decides to leave the place, and so is decided by Will.Dorothea asks Lydgate to not to leave, and assures him that she will pay all his debts.

Will comes lastly to say a good bye to Dorothea, and realizes that he loves her too. They both decides to get married, against the Will by Casaubon, and they gets settled in London happily.

Whereas Lydgate and Rosamond still doesn’t share a good bond.Lydgate dies at 50 considering himself as a failure.

In the Era of much happening and happy endings of Love stories, George has put much efforts to tell about the theme of social and personal problems especially faced by different genders. On one hand the women characters she has shown, plays completely contrast in their roles.Rosamond is opposite of Dorothea, this shows about various psychologies of same genders.Dorothea proved herself a supportive wife, genuine Lover.

Whereas Rosamond was everything opposite to her, neither a supportive wife, nor an understanding woman. On the other hand where male genders like Tertius Lydgate and Fred Vincy, both followed certain similarities yet they were not common.Fred a useless, careless fellow, falls in debts due to his reckless habit of spending money.Wheareas Lydgate, who is shown as an authentic,truthful,poor charcter too falls in debt.

The unsuccessful marriages that proved to be a bad decision for both the characters, describes about their misjudgments related to both Love and Ambitions. Eliot has followed a way too realistic to be for that Era, to understand both perspectives. However at certain level after understanding the characters, one can feel it.

The Not So Happy Ending by Eliot has made this Novel again different from the genre of Love that has been followed then.

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