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On The Massacre of The Christians In Bulgaria By Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde wrote the Poem “On the Massacre of the Christians in Bulgaria”  is a variation of a Petrarchan or Italian sonnet.

The Poem Tex: On The Massacre of The Christians

Christ, dost Thou live indeed? or are Thy bones
Still straitened in their rock-hewn sepulchre?
And was Thy Rising only dreamed by her
Whose love of Thee for all her sin atones?
For here the air is horrid with men’s groans,
The priests who call upon Thy name are slain,
Dost Thou not hear the bitter wail of pain
From those whose children lie upon the stones?
Come down, O Son of God! incestuous gloom
Curtains the land, and through the starless night
Over Thy Cross a Crescent moon I see!
If Thou in very truth didst burst the tomb
Come down, O Son of Man! and show Thy might
Lest Mahomet be crowned instead of Thee!

The Poet

Oscar Wilde was, and still is, a legend in himself. He was a playwright, a poet, a novelist, an essayist, and a compassionate human being.

The cover of Oscar Wilde‘s complete collection of poetry

A variety of works belonging to a variety of genres are owned by him. He continues to inspire millions.

The Review

The poet ‘Widely’ calls out to Christ. He asks the Lord if at all he had resurrected or if it was merely the illusion of a disciple.

Oscar Wilde

Wilde proceeds with the reasons for calling out to Christ. He writes about the sufferings of mankind – how the cries of men reverberate through the air.

On The Massacre of The Christians

He asks Christ to descend down from Heaven for the sake of the victims who are caught in mayhem. He asks the Lord Almighty to take over His kingdom, to rule again, lest he wants Mahomet to be crowned instead of Him.

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