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Parish Church

Definition of Parish Church

In Christianity, the Church is the physical place to worship. Parish Church is an organization which acts as a religious center for the community. Parish Church around the world, especially in the rural area, plays a significant role in community activities. It allows its premise for non-religious community events as well.

Parish Church Buildings

Parish Church buildings are the architectural monuments dated back to the Middle Ages. Also, there are many church buildings unique in their size and style of different era throughout the world.

The church buildings may provide the boarding facility for Pastor. Also, the building also facilitates a parish hall, rectory, a parochial school or convent which are mostly located on the same campus or adjacent to the church.

Jasmond Parish Church

Priest of Parish Church

Bishop of Catholic Church appoints a Parish Priest or Pastor to represent him to the local network of a church also known as Parish. This parish can be the collection of small regions within a given state of the country. According to the population, there may be a number of Parishes.

The parish priest is accompanied by assistant pastor if the area of the Parish is large or the number of members in the community is more, along with the Pastoral Associates. Associates include a permanent deacon, lay parishioners and religious sister.

Work Area and Life of Parish Priest

The parish church council counsel and advice pastor in most of the cases. However, the council does not have executive or administrative authority.

A Parish Priest is a Catholic Priest or Diocesan priest or religious order priest. He follows the order of the local bishop and a promise of celibacy. The parish priest gets a monthly salary from the parish. In addition to that, the parish provides a room and boarding facility as well as health insurance. The priests are responsible for their day to day belongings and maintenance.

Parish Church Council

Parish Church Council or A Parochial Church Council (PCC) is an executive committee of Church of England Parish. It contains churchwardens and clergy, together with representatives of the laity. This council is legally responsible for any financial affairs of the Parish Church. The committee handles the maintenance of the assets of the church, such as church halls, church building, and promoting the Church mission.

In 1919, PCCs were formed constitutionally by Church of England, which was adopted by the Convocations of Canterbury and York.

The council is now constituted under the Church Representative Rules.

Holy Trinity Parish Church

 Members of Parish Church

Every Parish covers a significant area of the neighborhood in the state. Membership of the church is not limited to the registration or mandatory worship. All the people who have faith in Christianity residing in a territorial area of the Parish are considered as the member of that Parish Church. In general, the parish church means where the community meets together frequently and help the community to grow better. Any member of the Parish church is not mandatorily bound to visit the church for worship. However, based on one’s taste and interest, one can visit the church to be together with the community.

Parochial School

Parishes in the different part of the world operate schools for the community children of the Parish. Some of the Parish schools are not limited to the member of the community and offer their services to the people of different religion and share the thoughts and rituals of Christianity. Apart from the standard curriculum of the local standard, students in the parish schools are given religious and moral education in line with the teachings of the Catholic Church

The Significance of Parish Church

There would be a Parish Church in every neighborhood of the country. If the area is bigger and the population is more, there can be a number of Parish. Also, on the advice of Parish Priest, any local building near to the main church can be considered as Parish Church for any community event or as the place of worship.

As Parish church is a place of worship, the church is the one where each member of the parish must visit for baptisms. Also if the permission is not given by Parish Priest to conduct the ceremony elsewhere, community members have to go for wedding or baptisms celebration to Parish Church only.

The significance of this rule is that parish church is the only place which has the baptismal font to follow any sacraments rites for a community member.

Similar to the Church of England, Church of Scotland also uses the system of parish church as the established Presbyterian Church, which covers entire Scotland.

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