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Patrick Branwell Bronte Biography

Patrick Branwell Bronte  26 June 1817 – 24 September 1848 was an English painter and writer.

Patrick Branwell Bronte Siblings

He was the fourth child of the six Bronte children also He was the only son of the Bronte family, his siblings were writers Charlotte, Emily, and Anne.

Early Life Of Branwell Bronte

Patrick Branwell Bronte received no formal education and was tutored mainly by his father, this was partly due to financial restrictions as his father was struggling to keep the family together after his wife’s death in 1821.

In February 1836 at the age of 19 Branwell became a freemason, and later became secretary of the Lodge. But he Switched jobs, supporting himself by portrait-painting, It is also evident that he gave way to drug and alcohol addiction which apparently led to his early death.

Branwell Bronte Paintings

Branwell was a very capable scholar with an enthusiastic desire to learn. He indulged in the Gondal stories and enjoyed writing with sister Charlotte.

He took along with Charlotte presented a series of fantasy role-playing games which the siblings wrote and performed about the “Young Men”, characters based on a set of wooden soldiers. From 1834, he both collaborated and competed with his sister Charlotte to describe another imaginary world, Angria.

Career Of Branwell Bronte

From June 1838 to May 1839 Branwell worked as a portrait painter in Bradford. At the age of 18 Bronte boldly wrote to a magazine suggesting himself as a replacement of James Hogg after his who was a Blackwood’s writer.

Between 1835 and 1842, Bronte wrote many a time to the magazine, sending poems and offered his services but alas His letters were left unanswered. during 1829-30 Branwell’s enthusiasm for art and architecture was fostered by a local artist named John Bradley.

Painting of Bronte Sisters

later when Bradley emigrated to America in 1831, Branwell continued his studies under the portrait painter William Robinson. In 1834 he painted a portrait of his three sisters. which became so famous later on that it now hangs in the National Portrait Gallery.

In 1835, he wrote a letter to the Royal Academy of Arts seeking to be admitted.there are some people who believed that he went to London to study but exhausted his money on drinking and therefore had to return while few others say he didn’t even move to London.

Branwell Brontë Books

During his employment, he continued his literary work, including sending poems and translations to Thomas De Quincey and Hartley Coleridge who both lived in the Lake District. He also pursued his translations of Horace’s Odes.

Branwell Bronte Poems

Bronte returned home to his family at the Haworth parsonage, where he worked and also wrote poetry .he also attempted to adapt Angrian material into a book called And the Weary are at Rest.

He became the first of the Brontes to be a published poet During the 1840s when several of his poems were published in local newspapers under the name of Northangerland.

Death Of Branwell Bronte

For the later years, Branwell’s state physically and mentally took a rapid decline due to his dependence on drink and opium and an increased state of self-pity and worthlessness.

At the age of 31 On the 24th September 1848, Branwell died of chronic bronchitis/consumption. later he was laid to rest in the family vault at Haworth church.

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