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Princess Louise Detailed Biography

Princess Louise was the sixth child and fourth daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. She was also the Duchess of Argyll. She had spent most of her early life moving among the royal residences along with her family.

Princess Louise Sculptures

Louise was revered as an able sculptor and artist. Some of her sculptors have survived even till today. She is also known for her support of the feminist movement. She had corresponded with Josephine Butler and had visited Elizabeth Garrett.

Princess Louise
Princess Louise: fourth daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

She was of the opinion that the subject of the Domestic Economy would form the basis of the highest life of every woman. Louise had served as an official secretary to the Queen before her marriage.

When the question of Louise’s marriage was discussed in the late 1860s, various suitors from the royal houses of Prussia and Denmark had been suggested.

Princess Louise Detailed Biography

However, Victoria had wanted new blood in the family and had suggested a high-ranking member of the aristocracy. Though there was much opposition from the members of the royal family,

Princess Louise: fourth daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

Louise had fallen in love with John Campbell, the Marquess of Lorne and the heir to the Duke of Argyll. The marriage took place on March 21, 1871, with Victoria’s consent to the marriage.

Though they had a happy beginning, the two got separated, probably because of their childlessness and the constraints of Queen Victoria on their actions.

Princess Louise Work

Lorne had been appointed the Governor General of Canada in 1878. She had become viceregal consort, but the stay was unhappy because of homesickness and dislike for Ottawa.

Princess Louise
Edward VII

Louise entered the social circle after the death of the queen in 1901 that had been established by her brother, Edward VII. The marriage had survived mostly due to the long periods of separation and the couple had reconciled in 1911.

But the death of her husband in 1901 had devastated her. She began her retirement from public life in 1918 at the age of 70 and died at 91 in Kensington Palace.

Early Life of Princess Louise

Princess Louise was born on March 18, 1848, at Buckingham Palace in London. She was born at a time when England was plagued by revolutions. She was baptized with the name Louisa Caroline Alberta.

Though her name was Louisa, she was known as Louise throughout her life. She had been brought up with strict education devised by her father, Prince Albert, much like her siblings.

Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace

The young children were taught practical tasks like farming, cooking, and carpentry. She had been an intelligent and talented child from the early years and her artistic talents were quickly recognized.

She could even draw beautifully, though due to her royal rank, the artistic career was not considered. She was also an able dancer and danced the sword dance better than her sisters. She became a favorite with her father because of her intelligence.

The Unofficial Secretary of the Crown

After Prince Albert died in Windsor on December 14, 1861, the Queen was devastated and the royal court was sunk in darkness and gloom for a long time. Louise became bored with the mundane routine of the different royal residences soon.

According to Queen Victoria’s doctrine, the eldest unmarried daughter would become the unofficial secretary, a position which was filled by Louise in 1866.

A portrait of Prince Albert Consort.

Victoria had later reflected that she was a clever girl and had been good at the job with a strong moral character and unselfish personality.

When Louise fell in love with Reverend Robinson Duckworth, the tutor of her brother Leopold, Duckworth was dismissed.

Though there was initial opposition, Louis became engaged on October 3, 1870, to the Marquess of Lorne. An annuity had been settled on Louise shortly before marriage. The ceremony had taken place at St. George’s Chapel at the Windsor Castle on March 21, 1871.

Later Years of Princess Louise

Lorne was chosen as the Governor General of Canada and thus Louise became the first royal to reside in Rideau Hall in Ottawa.

Since the hall was far from the splendor of the British royal residences, Louise used her artistic talents to put up watercolor and oil paintings around the world.

Princess Louise
Kensington Palace

There were some great misbehavior and act of insolence by the private secretary of Lorne’s, Francis de Winton, which had not been heard by the Lornes. Thus the Canadians did not much approve of her.

She died at Kensington Palace wearing her wedding veil, with her age being the same to the day as her younger brother Prince Arthur.

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