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Princess Louise Duchess of Argyll detailed biography

Princess Louise was a Duchess of Argyll was born on 18 March 1848 at Buckingham Palace in London. She was the sixth child as well as the fourth daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

Early life of Princess Louise

Her early life was very well spent by moving among the numerous royal residences owned by her family. On 14 December when her father, Prince Consort died then the court went into the period of intense mourning. At that time, she became unsympathetic.

Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll

She was not only an able sculptor but also an artist. Even today, you can find some of her sculptures. Not only this, she visited Elizabeth Garrett as she was the supporter of Feminist Movement along with Josephine Butler.

During 1866 to 1871, this is the time period before her marriage when she was an unofficial secretary to her mother, Queen Victoria.

The Mystery of Princess Louise by Lucinda Hawksley

She was a woman who famously loathed babies. Since the very first wail, Queen Victoria started finding her as odd and difficult.

The Mystery of Princess Louise by Lucinda Hawksley is an attempt to uplift the veil on the life of Princess Louise, who was an artistic daughter of Queen Victoria.

For a long time, there were rumors that she was indulged in affairs not only before her marriage but also after it with a Scottish nobleman named John Campbell, Marquess of Lorne who was afterward ninth Duke of Argyll.

Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll, 1861

These are the rumors which also points out to Princess Louise’s illegitimate child who was hidden by the royal family in the family of a trusted associated.

Princess Louise’s illegitimate child

It is believed that Princess Louise who was the rebellious sixth daughter of Queen Victoria had an illegitimate child. She gave birth to a son whose father was Walter Stirling who was the tutor of her brother, Leopold.

But as soon as Princess Louise gave birth to this child, he was adopted by Frederick Locock who was the son of Queen Victoria’s gynecologist. This baby had no birth certificate but was born in 1886/1867.

Princess Louise: Queen Victoria’s Unconventional Daughter “ by Jehanne Wake.

No doubt, she was an interesting woman and this is very clearly seen in the biography, “Princess Louise: Queen Victoria’s Unconventional Daughter “written by Jehanne Wake. She was thoughtful, had wide-ranging interests and was also enlightened.

Moreover, she even won a battle with her mother so that she could study sculpture. The best-known statue is of her mother which stands outside Kensington Palace.

The passion she had for arts was very intense and also consuming at certain moments in her life. Also, she had a degree of bohemianism. Also, she and her husband were very much concerned with the plight of poor of Britain.

Both of them were advocates of women’s rights and female suffrage even after the opposition of Queen Victoria. Also, she was health conscious as she constantly devoted her time for her physical well-being, watching her weight and exercising regularly.

Death of Princess Louise

On 3 December 1939, she died at Kensington Palace. Her remains were cremated on 8 December at Golden Green Crematorium.

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