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Queen Guinevere Biography

As described by Sir Thomas Malory, Guinevere was the daughter of King Leodegrance of Cameliard whose name is derived from the Welsh and residing at Oswestry and Knucklas Castle. But some another legend Geoffrey of Monmouth claims that King was a nobleman of Roman and Guinevere was born and brought up in the house of Cador in the Earl of Cornwall.

Queen Guinevere and her Personality

Guinevere was described as very beautiful by legends. She used to show a very admirable attitude. She always cared for her fellow Knights and motivated them to inculcate deep moral values. She was also loved by all for her sentimental feelings towards one and all.

Queen Guinevere

King Urien of Gorre defeated Guinevere’s father in a battle. So his father wanted her to have an expertise in defending the large estates they owned. For this training, she was sent to Roman for camp at Caerlaverock on the east bank of Nith. She was trained with a lot of difficulties to be a commander in an army. She met Arthur while she was attending the training period.

Because of training, she became more handsome rather than saying beautiful. She turned to be a plumpy woman of average height. She had dark blue eyes and long dark golden hair which implies her characteristic of Scandinavian blood. She was one of the richest women and also a great warrior with highly fair skin. She received a lot many proposals for marriage, but she found none of them suitable.

The Love Story of Queen and Lancelot

The Quest for Guinevere

Guinevere was married to King Arthur. Arthur met the queen when he was saving queens father from the capture of King Rience. He fell in deep love with her seeing her on the first sight. As a venture of thanks to King Arthur, King Leodegrance sent many gifts and messages of appreciation to King Arthur.

When it was time for bride searching, King Arthur went to his friend Merlin who was able to foresee the future. Merlin advised that the king should marry the person he loved the most, but not Guinevere as she would cheat him and love someone else in future. Despite Merlin’s suggestion, King asked him to take his proposal to Cameliard. After knowing the royal blood of King Arthur, father of the princess was ready to marry her to King Arthur.

All gifts that were sent to King Arthur were returned and he said that he only wants to marry Guinevere. A roundtable which was very important to him and 100 good knights were gifted as a wedding present on the occasion of the marriage of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere. They later had a son whose name was Sir Loholt.

Adultery and Abduction

Soon after the marriage, Guinevere has enlightened with the deeds of one of the best knight Lancelot. He rescued her many times and eventually had fallen in love with her. At first, the queen was very hesitant, but then she also felt that feeling and had fallen in love with him She was so in deep love that she developed a feeling of jealousy when other woman approached Lancelot.Arthur was unaware of the growing bonding between the queen and Lancelot.

Another Knight, Sir Meliagaunt found something suspicious between them and he confronted them both in front of King Arthur. Then King was forced to blame his wife for adultery and also to fight her lover. Many violent battles were bought in between Arthur and Lancelot, followed by joining of several Knights on each of the side. Eventually, Guinevere realized his mistake and returned to King Arthur.

Queen was abducted by the Kings nephew Mordred. King Arthur had to attend a military campaign and handed over the charge to his nephew Mordred. He was desperate for power and wanted to satisfy this power hunger by taking over Great Britain. He thought he would achieve this by marrying Queen Guinevere and rule over Britain.

Queen refused over his proposal of marrying and hence to protect herself locked herself in the London tower avoiding marriage. When King Arthur returned and came to know about the bad intentions, he fought against him. As a result of this fight, Mordred was killed and King Arthur was badly wounded.

After Life

After the death of Arthur, Guinevere went to a convent, spending the rest of her life in praying Almighty and helping the poor that are in need. She was filled with a lot of guilt for the problems that were caused by the affair between her and Lancelot, so she promised never to meet him again ever in her life. After her death, she chose to be buried near King Arthur and that was fulfilled.

Whatsoever may be the traits or blames on the queen, but she proved as a useful resource for the romancer throughout the generations and has greatly amplified the tradition of King Arthur.

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