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Queen Victoria’s love for Albert; her mourning after his death

Queen Victoria had quite a few eligible suitor before she was ‘smitten’ by Prince Albert. The queen had developed some interests in Russian heir Grand Duke Alexander Nikolaevich. However, their relationship could not become marriage due to political pressures from both sides.

Prince Albert and the Queen

The queen had grown up under an over-protective strict mother. She was supposedly not very keen on letting go of the power. It was one of the reasons she was not being hasty with decision of marriage initially.

Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha was maternal first cousin of Queen Victoria however, they had not had many interactions with children. Victoria was highly impressed by his mannerisms, thought he was kindest and amiable man.

The pair was married at St. Paul’s Cathedral on 10th February 1840. The couple was naturally attracted to each other. Queen Victoria gave birth to 9 children within 10 years of her marriage. It is believed that she was not a doting mother; in fact disliked being around newborns.

Pregnancies kept Victoria occupied with little time left for parliamentary activities. Prince Albert had to look in the matters and soon became one of the close advisors. It is likely that administrative matters were at times points of conflict in an otherwise successful marriage.

Victoria, Albert and family
Victoria, Albert and family

In order to spend quality time…

The couple, Victoria and Albert, loved each other dearly. The Royal residence was built at Osborne in all its splendour. Prince Albert took special measures himself looking into details of construction and arrangement.

The large imperial family would come to this place away from prying eyes of the press. Press made best use of photography by now. Prince Albert and Queen Victoria unanimously believed in the necessity to be projected as a happy family. The family would also go to their houses in Beaumaris Castle, Isle of Anglesey, Windsor Castle.

The demise and mourning of Victoria after Albert

Albert passed away in December 1861 and one of the strongest women in history collapsed like never before.The queen mourned to what seemed like an eternity in Balmoral Castle, Aberdeenshire. It took her nearly a decade and illness of royal heir to come to terms with her responsibilities as a queen.

Victoria would wear only black clothes and had given up on public appearance, entertainment of any sort. She was said to have interfered in lives of all her children. She chose to remain secluded and alone most of the times. Victoria had no option but to resume being ‘Queen of the people’ once again when Prince of Wales was severely ill and the question of heir rose once again.

There were rumours of her majesty’s association with John Brown and later with servant Abdul Karim but none of them has been proved sufficiently. Instead of claiming them as ‘affairs’ one can state them to be associations in order to overcome loneliness which engulfed her.

The fact remains that young queen was almost devastated after the demise of her beloved Albert.